Wireless Infrared IP Cameras

Wireless IP CamerasWireless Infrared IP Cameras have several advantages over their standard, wired counterparts.  One of the biggest advantages a wireless Camera has is that it communicates wirelessly with any standard 802.11/g wireless device, giving this camera the ability to be placed anywhere without the restrictions of wires to hold it back. The camera also offers a high level of security by encrypting its wireless signal and using password protection systems to protect your camera from intruders.

Being an IP camera means that you can remotely connect to the camera from a PC and view the camera in real-time. The infrared capabilities of this camera also make this camera an excellent choice to provide monitoring 24 hours a day. These security cameras can also come in outdoor versions that can function perfectly in extreme weather and are resistant to water.

One Response to “Wireless Infrared IP Cameras”

  1. Great camera. With the builtin infrared, it looks ideal to be used for nighttime monitoring. I have been looking for one similar to be placed in our baby’s room for nighttime monitoring.

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