Bullet Cameras On Fishing Boats

Deep Sea Fishing Bullet CameraThe use of bullet cameras on Fishing Charter Boats has become a hot trend lately. Fishing and bullet cameras seem like and odd mix, but many charter companies that take tourists on deep sea fishing trips are having bullet cameras set-up to capture footage of their customers fish catching adventure. What would be better than catching a monster sword-fish and then going home and showing off the footage to all of your friends and family? This is exactly the type of moments the deep sea fishing charters are trying to capture to help give tourists the best fishing trip possible.

However to capture this footage a standard Bullet Camera would simply not work, because in the long run most bullet cameras are not meant to be used out at sea. In salt water a special type of Bullet Camera is used that is built with an aluminum housing to withstand the abuse from the corrosive salt water, salt air, and the sun.

A quick note to remember; just because a camera says it is weather proof does not mean it can handle the ocean, always make sure any camera you take to sea is “salt water proof” otherwise you may see your camera go bad in a matter of weeks. Also remember that bullet cameras need a DVR to record and store the video. And when considering a DVR for your boat make sure you plan to keep it inside where it is as safe and dry as all of your other valuable electronics.

So the next time you are going to go deep sea fishing, you might want to request a boat that has an onboard DVR with bullet camera. That way you can make sure that at least you will be going home with video evidence of the “one that got away”.

If you are looking for a Bahamas Fishing Charter we recommend contacting Reel Candy Sports Fishing at 941-928-8888. Please tell Captain Marvin that Camera Security Now says hello.

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  1. What an interesting idea to attract more business and help the customers coming back. Thanks for the memories fish cam!

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