IP Bullet Cameras – Right For You?

Is An IP Or Network Camera Right For You?Below I will list the specs and following is a link to a very nice IP based bullet camera. But specs in and of themselves do not answer the most important question about a product. That question is simply “Is this the right product for me?”

So since you are on a Blog about Bullet Cameras, let’s go with the theory that you know what Bullet Cameras are and where they fit in your security needs. That leaves the IP aspect of this product to ponder. What then, you ask, is there to ponder? It’s an IP camera. It connects to my internet connection and just works, right? Well, one would hope. And, if you have the right expectations and right need for the product, then this could be a great product for you.

To make this simple let’s list a few scenarios in which an IP Bullet Camera can be a good fit:

– You just have a single camera need.
– You want an easy way to put a live shot on your web page.
– You have a need for a camera at a remote location and you want to add it to your main video surveillance network.
– You don’t need to record any video; you just want internet access to live video.
– You would like to record the video from an IP camera and you already have the software or the funds budgeted to make that happen.
– You have more bandwidth then the US Government and you are not doing anything with it anyway.
– Or, conversely to the above situation, you just have a DSL connection and you don’t really care about the limits to resolution or frame rates that your connection will impose on your camera.
– You just want one because that’s what they use on CSI

Now let’s make a list of scenarios in which an IP Bullet Camera might Not be a good fit:

– You need multiple cameras and paying 4 times as much per camera as compared to a standard CCTV Bullet Camera is not in the budget.
– You or your IT guy have done the math and realize that running 16 cameras at a reasonable frame rate and resolution is not going to happen across your internet connection even though it’s a high speed corporate account.
– You have done the research into IP recording software and though impressed with the features are not really at the point where you can justify the expense of a package whose licensing scheme and costs somewhat mimic that of a Microsoft Exchange Server.
– You don’t have an internet connection at the site where you want the new camera so you think it would be cheaper to pull the less expensive CAT5 cable and use an IP product. But you remember half way into the project that it no simple matter to run a single CAT5 line more than 300ft so you stop and wonder what you should do now and begin to look to blame this decision on someone else.

Well, some of that is tongue-in-cheek but it was getting late. But still I hope it gives you something to think about.

So here are the specs I promised and if you are thinking about an IP Bullet Camera, you may want to call and discuss your plan with a professional security consultant like those at http://www.camerasecuritynow.com – 877-422-1907, prior to making your purchase.

Speco IPINTB1 IP Bullet CameraIP/Network Color Bullet Camera – 2.8-10mmAuto Iris – Bullet Camera – IP-67 Rated – Premium software supplied at no extra cost for accessing advanced features.

The IP/Network Bullet Cameras have built-in web servers that work with Internet Explorer. No special software required for basic functionality and recording • Models with “INT” in the part# include intensifier technology • Linux Operating System built into camera – No virus threats • Dual Streaming: Cameras have both MPEG-4 and JPEG CODECS which allow you to choose between streaming or high quality video • Support of Dynamic and Static IP addresses • Changeable/Selectable Ports allow one IP address to handle multiple cameras • Premium software supplied at no extra cost for accessing advanced features • Remotely view up to 16 cameras in one window… from anywhere in the world! • Multiple levels of password protected remote access • Includes advanced IP locator software to make system setup easy • User adjustable settings for MPEG-4 and JPEG quality • Built in motion detection • Multiple Alarm handling capabilities • RS-232 pass through for control of many popular Speed Domes • Remotely upgradeable for software functions • Schedule Recording, per camera, per day, per hour • Selectable Resolutions: 704 x 480, 352 x 480, 352 x 240 • Protocols: HTTP, FTP, TCP/IP, DHCP, ARP, DNS, ICMP,DDNS • Analog composite video output for local viewing • Up to 50 simultaneous users • Free DDNS Server • Various filters simplify searches • Power – 12 Volts DC • Current consumption is less than 400 ma IP-INTB1: IP/Network Bullet Camera with 2.8-10mm Auto Iris Lens IP-INTB2: IP/Network Bullet Camera with 5-50mm Auto Iris Lens RoHS compliant.

2 Responses to “IP Bullet Cameras – Right For You?”

  1. Various of guys blog about this issue but you wrote down some true words.

  2. This article was a nice read! I couldn’t have explained things better myself.

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