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Vivotek’s MD7530 and MD7560 Mobile Surveillance Cameras

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Vivotek LogoNot too long ago Vivotek released two new mobile surveillance IP cameras offering specialized monitoring in transportation environments. The two new cameras come in the forms of the MD7530 and the MD7560, both of which offer high quality video as well as features that are tailored specifically to mobile surveillance needs.

Both the Vivotek MD7530 and MD7560 contain many features but there are some differences between cameras. The MD7530 offers VGA resolution, whereas the MD7560 offers 2 megapixel resolution with EN50155 support. Aside from that, the MD7530 and the MD7560 are pretty much the same.

Both cameras offer MPEG video compression with simultaneous streaming as well as an IP67 rated housing which protects the cameras from anything and everything including weather elements like rain, dust, snow and wind to even vandals.

Both cameras have built in features offering instant alerts of temperature change, motion detection or tampering detection, which include blocking and spray painting. These features are ideal for a camera  used for transportation surveillance in any mobile application.

With PoE 802.3af Power over Ethernet support, each of these cameras offer easy installation by combining all the needed cables into a single, solitary network cable which provides the user with all the connection and all the power.

Another cool thing is that both the MD7530 and the MD7560 also have a built in MicroSD/SDHC memory card slot that allows for on board storage for both recording and snapshot data.

Both the MD7530 and the MD7560 come with free recording software which is PC based, and the Vivotek software offers many features including recording for up to 32 Vivotek devices.

Both the MD7530 and the MD7560 are available now. In addition to these two cameras, Vivotek is also poised to release two DC versions of the MD7530 and the MD7560. The part numbers will come in as the MD7530D and the MD7560D.

Both of these cameras can be powered by DC power. However, they will not offer Power over Ethernet. If you are in the market for a new IP camera, especially one dealing with mobile surveillance, then check out Vivotek’s MD7530 and MD7560.

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Vista’s Vari-Focal IR Bullet Camera

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Vista VBC400 IR Bullet CameraThe VBC400, the newest bullet camera from Vista, is as true to a day/night camera as you can get. It is a 540VTL camera that comes with a vari-focal lens, allowing for precise scene selection. The device has integrated IR illumination which allows for covert operation of up to 20m. The device also uses 5x less power than the standard halogen lamps which allows for lowered running costs and a more environmentally friendly operation.

The camera offers high quality color images during daylight hours as well as monochrome images during night time hours. A split glass design has also been incorporated into the lens to make sure you are always getting the sharpest images possible with limited internal reflections. The VBC400 also offers quick and easy setup. This all-in-one camera contains everything you need including the camera, lens, housing, bracket and IR illumination.

The VBC400 can be mounted nearly anywhere thanks to the bracket which adds even more flexibility. According to Mark Pritchard, Vista Directional Director, “The vari-focal option provided by the VBC400 gives simple user adjustment from 2.8mm to 12mm focal length, offering a wide scene selection. As with all Vista products, our confidence in the quality of our products is backed up by an impressive warranty package.” offers a full line of bullet camera rentals that are perfect for any type of security system. We know that most people don’t fully understand how to install a security camera system. That is why has highly trained Tech Army Members across the nation that are ready and willing to set up your security camera system when and where you need it.