Submersible Bullet Cameras

WELDEX WDB-7700BSecurity cameras are used to monitor a ton of different things–businesses, homes, parking lots, gas stations, driveways, storage areas, you name it. But has anybody ever needed to monitor something underwater? And if they have, is that even remotely possible? The answer to both of those questions is a definite yes.

The WELDEX WDB-7700B is a black and white submersible bullet camera that is capable of streaming content while under water. The camera comes with a ton of specifications and features that are very much the sameĀ as your traditional bullet cameras as well.

The camera comes with a 1/3″ CDD image sensor which delivers very good images. The high resolution of 430 TV lines allows the WDB-7700B to deliver crystal clear images as well as excellent quality images in low light situations with a low lux sensitivity of 0.03lux.

This device is also available in both black and white housings in order to match up with various backgrounds. The WDB-770B can also be completely submersed in water to a depth of up to 100 to 200 feet.

This camera housing can be used for outdoor, indoor and underwater environments and can withstand temperatures ranging from -4 degrees to +158 degrees. The WDB-7700B comes with a pre-focused lens, mounting brackets and BNC/RCA plug leads. This camera also comes with a signal to noise ratio of more than 50 db and shows internal synchronization.

If you need a bullet camera that can literally withstand anything, then you will be hard pressed to find one that is better than the WELDEX WDB-7700B.

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