New Bullet Cameras from Supercircuits

Supercircuits LogoSupercircuits recently announced their newest product, the new next-generation SC Black bullet security cameras. According to Keith Becker, Product Manager for Supercircuits, “Our goal in developing these next generation bullet cameras is to provide our customers with the ultimate in simplicity and convenience for indoor and outdoor applications at more cost-effective prices.”

This new line of bullet cameras from Supercircuits includes a bunch of advanced performance-enhancing features including: built-in UTP, built-in on screen display, digital noise reduction, digital slow shutter and digital wide dynamic range for advanced backlight control.

Each and every camera in the new SC Black range features 600 lines of resolution, a 2.8-12mm varifocal lens, dual voltage 12VDC/24VAC and a five year warranty. A tri-axis mounting bracket is also included standard to allow for easy installation on walls or ceilings.

Each model features a durable IP67 weatherproof construction as well as a built-in heater which allows the camera to operate in temperatures as low as -20 degrees F. The built-in heaters also act as a built-in defogger and allow the camera to function in as much as 95% humidity.

The concealed OSD as well as the spot video out compartment, both of which are tool-free, eliminate the need for a remote control to adjust camera tuning. The watertight compartment also reduces the need for multiple installation tools which results in a faster camera adjustment job as well as faster installations.

This new line of cameras also features auto-adjusting IR arrays which automatically control the infrared strength in order to eliminate IR washout on objects close to the camera. This array also adjusts the infrared strength to illuminate subjects as they approach the camera so that their features remain unobstructed. The BLK-CPT237VH and BLK-CZT242VH models both feature a small adjustment knob in order to lengthen and narrow or shorten and widen the IR array field of view.

Features of the new cameras include: 1/3″ Sony Super HAD II CCD chipsets, 600 lines of resolution, auto-adjusting IR arrays, True r digital day/night options, 2.8-11mm – 5.0-50mm varifocal lenses, dual voltage 12VDC/24VAC operation, IP67 weatherproof construction, tri-axis mounting bracket and a five year warranty.

Source: PRWeb – New SC Black Bullet Cameras Marry Performance-Enhancing Features with Convenience

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  1. Robert Feller Says:

    Can you tell me if the CZT242VH can be mounted on a truck for licsense recognition at approx 35 to 60 MPH

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