Arecont Vision and DNF Security Partner Up

Arecont Vision logoDNF Security, a major provider of dependable, mission-critical IP video surveillance solutions, just recently announced a partnership with Arecont Vision, an industry leader in IP-based megapixel camera technology. DNF Security has provided a high-performance, scalable video storage appliance for the Arecont Vision MegaLab that is to be used for integration, certification and testing of Arecont’s products as well as the company’s customer applications.

DNF Security’s video storage unit will be integrated at MegaLab with a plethora of leading video management systems (VMS) as well as Arecont Vision’s complete line of IP network megapixel cameras. This line includes the 1.3 MP, 2 MP,  1080p, 3 MP, 5 MP, 8 MP, 10 MP and 20 MP resolution cameras.

According to COO of DNF Security Fairborz Agahdel, “Working with Arecont Vision and their MegaLab is a great opportunity for DNF Security to showcase its sytems’ performance capabilities. Arecont Vision’s MegaLab is an amazing resource that allows the end user and integrators to witness and evaluate first-hand a complete surveillance solution – and we are excited to be a contributor to its success.”

Director of Partner Relations with Arecont Vision Jason Schimpt was also enthusiastic about the partnership stating, “By partnering with Arecont Vision, DNF Security can have their customers visit our MegaLab to see a fully functional, fully integrated system before purchasing. Customers can witness live integration of any Arecont Vision camera, or combination of cameras, with the DNF Security system and their choice of VMS.”

The MegaLab allows Arecont Vision’s technology partners to test their equipment with Arecont Vision cameras. In DNF Security’s case, the facility allows the company to extensively test its products in order to reach the limitations of their own system with Arecont Vision cameras. DNF Security can then verify compatibility with multiple VMC, in multiple configurations and compare performance against the competition.

Source: – DNF Security partners with IP camera technology leader Arecont Vision

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