New Samsung SCO-2080RH Performs in Extreme Weather Conditions

Samsung SCO-2080RHSamsung has just unleashed a new bullet camera that is specifically designed to withstand harsh temperatures in a variety of settings. These new bullet cameras are capable of operating in conditions with temperatures ranging from negative 60 degrees Fahrenheit to 122 degrees Fahrenheit.

The cameras, known as the SCO-2080RH, come complete with a built-in fan, heater and sun shield that ensures the IP6 rated cameras can operate in areas that suffer from extreme weather conditions. In addition to that, these cameras can also be used for some of the most demanding applications, like ports, car parks or airport security installations.

The SCO-2080RH’s built-in IR LED lights also allow the camera to deliver high quality images of objects as far as 165 feet away and the camera can also operate during the day and night time. A twin glass front also negates the problem that many bullet cameras have with their IR LEDs reflecting light back into the lens thanks to dirt or water sitting on the glass front.

Many of the added features on this camera make it ideal for airport security, including eight motion detection zones and twelve privacy masking zones. In addition to that, coaxial control compatibility also allows the fourteen language onscreen display menu to be accessed from the comfort and ease of a control room via a compatible DVR.

Very high quality images can be delivered by this camera, which dishes them out at 600 TV lines during the day and 700 TV lines monochrome during the night. Third generation Samsung Super Noise Reduction technology also allows the camera to eliminate image noise in low light conditions without creating ghosting or blurring. Other key features include Highlight Compensation technology, which helps identify and neutralize excessively bright lights.

Source: Wavestore – Samsung introduces extreme environment bullet camera with built in IR LEDs

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