Axis’ New Q1922 and Q1922-E Thermal Network Cameras

Axis Q1922Axis Communications just announced an improved range of thermal network cameras with the launch of Axis Q1922 and Axis Q1922-E. These are the newest additions to the Axis Q19 Series launched back in January of 2010 as the world’s first true thermal network camera series. These new cameras feature VGA resolutions and a plethora of lens alternatives to ensure better image quality and extended detection ranges in complete darkness and challenging visual conditions.

The VGA resolution of these cameras provides more pixels on the detected  person or object. This significantly increases reliability and also improves surveillance efficiency and facilitates integration of intelligent video applications like motion and cross-line detection. In addition to that, these cameras are also perfect for cost-efficient 24-7 area or perimeter surveillance for critical applications like airports, power plants, transportation hubs and harbors. What’s more is that these cameras can also be easily integrated into any IP-based surveillance system.

According to General Manager of Axis Communications Incorporated Fredrik Nilsson, “The combination of thermal capabilities and IP video at an attractive price has made this technology – once only reserved for military-grade applications – appealing for a much wider range of installations and provides a higher level of safety and security to many more sites. As we continue to come out with enhanced thermal network camera models with varying lens options, our integrator partners and their customers have the ability to considerably enhance the detection quality and range of their 24-7 security solutions while more easily integrating third-party applications.”

The Axis Q1922 is designed for indoor surveillance with the Axis Q1922-E designed for outdoor surveillance with an IP66-rated housing. The four available lens alternatives, 640×480 VGA resolution and advanced image processor further improve effective area and perimeter surveillance. In addition to that, the four lens alternatives also sustain maximum flexibility in range and field of view, ranging from 320 to 1,970 yards depending on the lens options.

These new cameras also support key IP surveillance features, like H.264 and Motion JPEG compression, two-way audio, local storage and Power over Ethernet. In addition to that, as intelligent video is also a key component of any thermal network camera, these cameras provide a tampering alarm, motion detection and support for the Axis Camera Application Platform. Both of these cameras are expected to be available in January 2012 via Axis’ distribution channels.

Source: Business Wire – Axis Strengthens Thermal Network Camera Offering with Superior VGA Resolution and Enhanced Lens Options

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