SeSys Installs Mobotix CCTV Camera at Water Treatment Plant

SeSys logoSeSys Ltd., a partner of Mobotix, has just been selected by Wessex Water to help with the commissioning and operation at one of its largest sewage pumping stations. SeSys has deployed a Mobotix camera that has been modified to meet Atex standards in an enclosed water screening building that pumps 8,000 liters of storm water into screens in order to remove debris before it is sent to treatment.

During the commissioning stage, the camera allowed technicians from Wessex Water to adjust the speed of the pumps. Wessex Water is a regional water and sewage treatment business serving an area in the southwest part of England covering over 6,000 square miles.

The screen is essential to stopping debris from being carried into a stream or river when a significant amount of rain exceeds the capacity of the treatment process. The pumps, in terms of power, can move enough water to fill an Olympic-sized swimming pool in just under six minutes when at full speed.

Wessex Water selected a Mobotix camera from SeSys, a specialist in digital IP and network video. SeSys is well-known within the industry for innovative projects, especially within challenging outdoor, subterranean and haz-chem environments.

The camera deployed is the SeSys SE-ATEX-IP-S-D24 camera. It uses technology based on Mobotix D24 cameras and was selected based on its Atex rating, proven reliability in similar, hostile locations and for its high quality images. According to SeSys, “We have also integrated the video feed into the local control panel and we can also remotely view any situation over our Wide Area Network.”

Overall, the installation proved extremely reliable within the pumping station and Mr. Mining, Wessex Water’s ICA Technical and Developmental Manager, believes that the use of CCTV technology in this way helps the organization to ensure the highest levels of service delivery, especially during times of heavy rain.

Source: – IP specialist SeSys deploys MOBOTIX CCTV camera solution to help challenging Wessex Water project

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