Revolutionary Concepts Integrating EyeTalk IP Cameras with Handheld Technology

security camera feedRevolutionary Concepts Incorporated has achieved a lot of big milestones in its attempt to deliver a plethora of apps for its EyeTalk IP camera technology which promotes preemption, prevention and peace of mind for its customers. Recent patent approvals, along with the signing of SIS Development Incorporated and the pending acquisition of Security Solutions & Management, LLC, have allowed Revolutionary Concepts Incorporated to begin to find its niche in access control, entry management and monitoring technology.

The new patented capabilities of EyeTalk represent a breakthrough development enhancing traditional monitoring and surveillance systems by adding applications that allow customers to have two-way audio and visual communication through their smartphones, tablets or other handheld devices.

The preemptive design of Revolutionary Concept Incorporated’s technology allows the commercial or residential consumer to identify and communicate with an individual remotely as they enter the perimeter of the property being monitored. This allows you to do things like instruct a delivery driver where to leave a package or conduct virtual visits with people.

In addition to that, police departments and security companies will have the assistance of event monitoring centers streaming real time video to their hand held devices while a crime is taking place. This provides these departments with valuable information that could be key in catching whoever was responsible or stopping a crime before or as it is happening.

According to President and CEO of Revolutionary Concepts Incorporated Ronald Carter, “Based on proven concepts and feasibility studies through two complete prototypes, I believe Revolutionary Concepts is moving into an arena where demand has indicated tremendous opportunities for growth.”

It seems that a lot of companies are integrating security camera technology with handheld devices. This is definitely a great way to keep tabs on your camera feeds from anywhere in the world whenever you need to.

Source: Market Watch – Revolutionary Concepts, Inc. Set to Integrate Its EyeTalk IP Camera With Multi-Billion Dollar Smartphone and Handheld Industry

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