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There’s A Reason Why Bullet Cameras Are Consistently Used…

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There’s always a reason as to why we do the things we do. There’s always a purpose behind the choices we make. A method to our madness if you will. I’m not trying to come off as overly philosophical, more so just trying to make a point. When we choose a particular piece of technology over another, there’s always a reason for it. We’re not going to purposefully choose the worse device over the better one. At that point, you would be wasting your money and coming off as illogical. You can apply this to just about every device. Take a security camera system for example. You can have all the necessary recording software you need, but when it comes to the actual cameras, there is always comparisons to be had and decisions to be made.

All in all, there are plenty of choices that can be made that will meet your surveillance needs. There is one camera in particular, though, that many use; the bullet camera. Again, there’s a reason for this.

There is a lot that a bullet camera can offer the smart surveillance system shopper.

The bullet camera is a generally small camera that can be placed in various discreet locations, usually far enough out of reach to avoid vandalism. The entire reason you’re looking for a surveillance system is to stop things like vandalism anyway, right? These cameras are designed with a streamlined structure that allows them to be set up in places that most cameras couldn’t be placed in. Naturally, because of the design, this is where the camera gets its name. When you set up your security camera system, you want to be able to do it with the confidence that your cameras won’t be susceptible to vandalism. When you choose to have a bullet camera as part of you’re system, you get that confidence as they are easy to hide.

These cameras are also weather-proof. These are essentially the best cameras to have for outdoor surveillance. The typical box camera requires additional housing to the camera itself, and that can add to the overall cost of your security system. Additionally, bullet cameras are relatively cheap. Once placed outside, nothing short of a hurricane or tornado is going to stop this camera from monitoring what ever you want it to monitor.

If you’re looking for night time monitoring (who isn’t), you don’t need to worry about looking for another type of camera either. Most, if not all bullet cameras these days come with built in IR LEDs. Some of these IR bullet cameras can see up to 300 feet in complete darkness thanks to the number of Infrared LEDS that are packed into them. That’s the other sense of brilliance in the camera’s design. The lenses of these cameras are generally small, so that leaves more room to put the infrared LEDS in them. Obviously the more you have working together, the further the camera is able to see in the darkness.

The bullet camera is one of the most utilized cameras in any surveillance system, and with good reason. Between the weatherproof housing, the small size that can be utilized for proper and secluded placement, and the fact that almost all of them come with IR capabilities now, it’d be almost asinine to NOT have these in your security camera system.

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The HDCVI Cylinder Camera Is A Camera You’re Going To Want On Your Surveillance System

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It can be really hard to find good help these days, much less good technology. It’s hard to find the right tech to give you everything you need without giving you the things that you don’t need. Bullet cameras can be the same way. It’s difficult to find one with features that you know you’re going to need that will, at the same time, not keep any of the fluff that you don’t need. If you’re going to pay for something, you may as well get what you paid for right? Luckily there is a bullet camera out there that may just be able to give you and your surveillance system everything that you may need, all while trimming the fat.

Behold the new HDCVI Cylinder Camera. This very well may be the all around bullet camera that you and your security system have been looking for.

This camera basically has everything you may need from a surveillance system security camera. First off, in case you were wondering, yes it does come standard with IR capabilities. The IR distance is roughly 20 meters as well, so not a bad range by any means. While their may be other cameras with higher IR range, 20 meters is still a respectable distance and should serve most of your needs.

Along with the IR capabilities, the camera comes standard with a 1/3″ 1 megapixel progressive scan CMOS image sensor. The image sensor ensures that you’ll get a good HD picture. While we all know a 1080p camera would be best, a 720p camera is still HD, and will still offer a great picture when you need to go back on the DVR or view your camera feed remotely. It’s 60 frames per second capability will ensure that you get a smooth picture now matter how you are viewing your footage. The video camera also comes with the standard high def HDCVI digital interface to ensure that the camera is working appropriately and things like remote view work the way that they are supposed to. The camera houses a 3.6mm fixed lens and offers day and night functionality as well. Perfect for any company that needs constant surveillance. Another nice feature is the fact that the camera itself is waterproof, so as long as you can mount it properly outside, you need not worry about it getting wet from a torrential downpour. The bullet camera also offers excellent high speed and long distance transmission due to its coaxial cable.

Think about the “HDCVI” if you are still on the fence. It stands for High Definition Composite Video Interface. This has been specifically designed for the CCTV industry to transmit high definition video footage via the coaxial cable. This cable will all for reliable long distance transmission of HD video. On top of the spectacular video feed, HDCVI also allows for two-way communication. With the specs laying it all out, and the long distance transmission rate, HDCVI is easily one of the best solution for HD CCTV applications.

Currently, Camera Security Now is offering HDCVI cameras in systems or individually. Should you be interested in this IP bullet camera it’s currently going for $95. Go to or call 1-877-422-1907!

Why Get A Bullet Camera?

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Vista VBC600When showing interest in home or business surveillance, it’s very easy to get to get side tracked or confused by the plethora camera types on the market. It it always best to do your research and then make your purchase. However, you can never really go wrong with bullet cameras, as long as you know how to mount and operate them. If you aren’t exactly sure why they would be a good choice, just think about all of applications that you could use them for. Once you have figured out what you need them for, then you can make the choice. Just remember when deciding, the bullet camera is very versatile.

Remember the reason for the name of bullet cameras. They are small. Roughly around 2 to 2.5 inches in length. This also helps attribute to their other name; lipstick cameras. The versatility of these cameras is definitely a huge help when setting them up. While most cameras such as box or dome cameras require separate housing for the camera when placing it outdoors, the bullet camera doesn’t. They are quite easy to install and can be placed virtually anywhere due to their small size. Theirr mounts usually always come with an extension arm. This arm helps in putting the camera in the exact position that you want it to be in. It doesn’t even matter if you wish to mount them on the wall or the ceiling. Like most cameras, it can be purchased with IR capabilities as well. Since the bullet camera has the shape it does, it is also very well suited to host quite a lot of LED InfraRed lights. Some can even hold up to 78 LED IR lights with a range of about 300 ft in the dark.

Bosch WZ Series bullet camera

With all of the positives, the bullet camera is not without its own flaws. Due to the extension arm, it can become quite susceptible to vandalism since they can be repositioned so easily. They are usually very limited to a pretty fixed focal length from the lens. The small shape and design can also interfere with the overall imaging of the camera due to the cut-off corners. Because of this, the camera’s field of vision can become negatively affected. This can cause a cut-off view of what you are trying to capture on your surveillance feed. The only way to try and avoid this is by proper positioning, different types of cameras to accompany your bullet camera, or seeing if there may be a different lens that can be fitted for your bullet camera.

When looking at it on paper, this camera could be perfect. Well, as long as it’s in a safe position away from vandals that is. Since most are IR equipped, they are perfect for night time surveillance. Their small size means that they can be very easy to tuck away into tight spots. They also produce the same type of digital video quality as most box and dome cameras. It has no need for the additional housing as a box camera would and has a longer range for InfraRed viewing than most dome cameras because of its shape. All perfect reasons to start out your security camera system with this versatile camera.

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DogCam Bullet HD Good for POV Recording, Not Much Else

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DogCam Bullet HDAs far as simplicity goes, the Bullet HD is about as simple as they come. All in all, the camera comes with a lens at one end and a mini USB port, MicroSD cad slot and microphone at the other, all covered by a screw on cap. In addition to that, there is a button in the middle and that’s pretty much it.

What’s more is that the HD bullet is also pretty small. The entire camera only measures 78mm long and 22mm in diameter and only weighs 36 grams. The little guy is so light, in fact, that you can attach it to almost any surface with simple self-adhesive Velcro patches. What’s more is that there are enough pieces in the box to attach the camera to a helmet or goggles, just in case you want some first person action shots.

The one downside is that you don’t get a whole lot of settings and modes with the Bullet HD. Basically, you push the button to start and hold the button to stop while the LEDs along the side of the lens tell you what the camera is doing. The camera is pretty straightforward, though some user reviews have complained at the lack of auditory beeps when recording starts and stops and that the button is too small.

Picture quality is HD, though it isn’t full 1080p HD but 720p, and the picture quality also struggles in low light. Plus, even though the camera has been given a “wide” description, the field of view is actually pretty narrow at only 135 degrees.

This camera wouldn’t be the best for surveillance situations, unless you were doing some cool covert spy surveillance. On the flip side, the camera is good for POV recording and other quick, handheld recording situations.

Source: – DogCam Bullet HD Wide camera review

Logitech Updates Alert Line with Indoor Night Vision Camera

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Logitech Alert 750nLogitech has announced that it is expanding its line of Alert HD security cameras by adding a new indoor model that comes complete with night-vision capabilities. Logitech’s Alert line takes advantage of the HomePlug AV networking standard, which allows data and power to run over common electrical cables.

This may seem like a problem, as AC outlets aren’t located everywhere in a building. If that is a problem then Logitech also offers SKUs that offer Power over Ethernet (PoE). These models allow you to simply run a CAT5 cable to each camera and install an inline power injector at the router. The announcement made by Logitech made no mention of Power over Ethernet for the new indoor camera, though it is a strong possibility that it will be included.

Logitech’s Alert line also delivers high-resolution 720p video which streams from multiple cameras and can be viewed simultaneously on a local networked PC that is running Logitech’s Alert Commander software. In addition to that, each camera is also equipped with a 16-zone motion detector which can trigger the camera to record a video clip when objects move in front of them.

If triggered, the camera can send an email or text alert to you with the video clip attached. Recordings are then stored on the actual cameras thanks to a 2GB MicroSD  card, which is doubly beneficial as it means that your local PC won’t have to be constantly running. Also, if you are a DropBox subscriber, then you can elect to copy the recordings to their storage in the cloud.

You can also review live camera feeds remotely from any computer or mobile device that has an internet connection with Logitech offering free remote-viewing apps for Android, BlackBerry and iOS devices. In addition, Logitech’s Alert Web and Mobile Commander service provides the same viewing and control capabilities available from the software running on a local PC, though it comes with an $80 per year subscription.

Logitech will be offering the new Alert 750n Indoor Master System, which comes with the camera and the Alert Commander software, for $300. If you already have the Alert Commander system and just want the new camera then you can get that for $230. The outdoor system is available now for $350 with standalone cameras available for $280.

Source: PC World – Logitech Introduces Indoor Security Camera with Night Vision

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New Affordable Wireless IP Camera Released by Smarthome

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Smarthome Wireless IP Security CameraSmarthome has just announced the launch of the company’s brand new wireless IP security camera.Smarthome’s camera will allow you to monitor your feed from anywhere in the world via an internet connection and is currently available on Smarthome’s website for the rather cheap price of $99.99.

Smarthome’s wireless IP security camera features 11 infrared LEDs that are capable of providing 26 feet of visibility in absolute darkness. In addition to that, the camera also transmits high quality video images at 30 frames per second on a local wireless network by utilizing MJPEG hardware compression technology. What’s more is that users can also receive digital images via email whenever motion has been detected at a 640 x 480 resolution.

According to Smarthome Director of Marketing Mike Scharnagl, “The Smarthome Wireless IP Security Camera is a great solution for those looking to add surveillance to their home or office without breaking the bank. Many homeowners want to add surveillance to their residence, but are afraid of the price or do not want to have a professional handle the installation. Smarthome is offering the Wireless IP Camera with the price conscious, do-it-yourself in mind – users can go from box to watching a real-time surveillance video within minutes.”

The camera can also be integrated into your INSTEON home automation network as well using either HousLinc – INSTEON Desktop Software or SmartLinc – INSTEON Central Controller. There are also a plethora of IP camera apps also available in the iTunes store as well as Android Marketplace to make viewing your Smarthome Wireless IP Security Camera quick and simple on any mobile device.

Smarthome’s website has all the details about the Smarthome Wireless IP Security Camera, as well as a way for you to order one yourself. If you are looking for a truly wireless IP security camera but you don’t want to spend a whole lot of money then this may be the right camera for you.

Source: Home Toys – Smarthome Launches Affordable Wireless IP Security Camera

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Gadspot Debuts New 2MP and 5MP IP Surveillance Cameras

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Gadspot logoGadspot, a provider of more affordable video surveillance products, has just recently announced the addition of a plethora of new IP camera models to their lineup. These digital video cameras all come with your choice of either 2MP or 5MP sensors with available configurations including both dome cameras and outdoor cameras.

The 2MP IP cameras come in the form of the GS9200, GS9201, GS 9202, GS9203 and GS9204. Features include a 2MP CMOS sensor, H.264 and MJPEG dual streaming, 1,600 x 1,200 resolution, WiFi connectivity (GS9200 model only), built-in high-sensitive microphone (GS9200, GS9202 and GS9203 models only), built-in IR and LED ICR (GS9201 and GS9204 models only), ONVIF standard support and weatherproof casings (GS9201 and GS9204 models only).

The 5MP IP cameras come in the GS9000B, GS9001D and GS9002DE models with features including a 5MP CMOS sensor, H.264, MPEG-4 and MJPEG compression, 2,592 x 1,920 resolution, built-in SD/SDHC card slot for on-board storage (GS9000B and GS9001D models only), ONVIF standard support, built-in high-sensitive microphone (GS9000B and GS9001D models only), vandal-resistant case (GS9002DE model only), weatherproof casing (GS9002DE model only) and an operating temperature of 0°C/32°F to +45°C/113°F.

According to a statement from President of Gadspot Judy Chen, “We’re pleased to include this new line of IP cameras to our product family. We believe our IP cameras are the highest-quality products available in the market today at this price range, and we’re proud to be able to offer these superior cameras to both end users, resellers and installers at aggressive prices.”

All of these cameras come backed with a one-year warranty, just in case anything happens. Prices for the 2MP cameras range between $119.95 and $129.95 with prices of the 5MP cameras ranging between $249.95 and $499.95. In addition to that, Gadspot also offers 24-hour, live, online customer service if you have any problems.

Source: PR Web – Gadspot Announces New Line of IP Surveillance Cameras

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