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New HD Bullet Camera From Hiqview Has 10x Zoom Capabilities

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The Hiqview Corporation released this year a new camera addition to its IP camera line in the form of the new motorized weatherproof bullet IP camera known as the HIQ-6391. This camera comes equipped with a 10x optical and 4x digital motorized zoom along with an IP66-rated weatherproof housing, allowing it to perform in the harshest of conditions.

This camera has also been designed within an all-IP architecture with a 1/2.7″ CMOS sensor, giving you full HD 2MP resolution at 30fps real-time. Like I mentioned earlier, there is a 10x optical zoom lens along with support for video compression of H.264 and MJPEG formats for multiple resolutions of Full HD, SXGA, WXGA, VGA, QVGA, and QCIF.

The WDR technology incorporated in this camera is also a huge benefit. Without it, someone standing in front of the sun with a strong backlight would be too dark to identify. The WDR technology uses different exposures for different objects to lower light contrast. As a result, the camera is able to reveal clear features of a person’s face, even with a strong backlight.

This security camera also offers the advanced functions of Smart Focus, Auto Focus, and Step Focus, which makes it the perfect, professional choice for outdoor surveillance applications. Smart Focus allows you to draw a square on an image in order to focus on a particular area to bring out clear images. Auto Focus automatically focuses on a moving object or a large object that occupies more than 50% of the area of the image. Step Focus offers you the ability to set up focus manually to nearby or distant areas whenever you need to. A built-in GUI allows these advanced imaging features to be easy, flexible and efficient when fine-tuning the focus of your camera.

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Strong DNR technology allows this camera to easily remove image noise in image production, which can be caused by things like power interference, heat or dim light sources. When light goes down, it is hard for standard outdoor cameras to create clear images. The HIQ-6391 utilizes the latest IR technology in order to detect heat emitted from objects within the effective distance of the camera. The built-in IR LEDs are designed for up to 30 meters of light radiation and enable the camera to produce clear images 24/7.

Network configuration is quick and easy. The configuration tool offered by Hiqview automatically searches for the connected Hiqview cameras via internet to minimize any problems with network settings. In addition to that, Power over Ethernet (PoE) makes sure that your camera can be powered  through the same internet cable, which is an important feature where running additional cables may be difficult.

The HIQ-6391 is shipped with the VMS Hiqview software included and allows for online management of as many as 64 IP cameras in a single system. This camera is designed for day and night surveillance and is perfect for areas such as parking lots, entrances, lobbies, retail stores, shops, train stations, stairways, warehouses or even home surveillance.

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A Bullet Camera In Every Business, On Every Street Corner?

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Security and Surveillance technology are an ever booming market. In just about every major business in America today, you can find a security camera system or some type of surveillance technology. The market for it is huge. There will always be thieves and there will always be vandals. That is why there will always be new security cameras and technology being developed to combat the ever evolving ways of crime that people come up with. How many businesses actually use surveillance technology though? That number will never be exact as it is always growing. More and more businesses and people alike are seeing the importance of having security camera technology.

The Workplace

Keeping your place of business safe should just come as common sense to just about everyone. The only problem is, is that some business owners might view it as either too invasive or even too expensive. That just isn’t the case. There are too many pros that outweigh the cons in terms of that thought process. Both employees and customers alike want to feel that they are in a safe and appreciative environment. This will keep everyone happy and keep customers coming back (as long as the customer service remains optimal as well). It deters vandals and theft from both outsiders and employees alike. You find security camera systems in McDonald’s, car dealerships, retail stores, hospitals, police stations, and more. There’s clearly a reason for this. It’s all about monitoring and safety for everyone within the facility.

The Street Corners

Recently there was a game that came out called “Watch Dogs”. Not too go off on too much of a tangent, but the game took place in present day Chicago. In the game the character can hack into the multiple security cameras that line the streets. This part of the game is not fictitious. Chicago is a city that is very heavily monitored and actually does have security cameras on just about every street corner. It’s about detering crime and lowering the crime rate in general. Box cameras, weatherproof cameras, dome cameras, and yes, even bullet cameras are found throughout the city always on the watch. Some may see this as a “bit too much” but if the affects on crime are positive, can it really be seen as a negative? Cities and businesses alike use the cameras to their advantage while also doing their best to maintain certain privacies.

Is It Really Too Much?

There will always be that looming fear of “is big brother watching?”, but then again, the main purpose of the cameras are to monitor for crimes and keep individuals and products safe. There are still companies today that don’t utilize security cameras or any real type of surveillance equipment other than a bell on the door when you come in. That being said, not every business, home, or street corner is connected to a CCTV grid, and that makes those areas targets for vandalism, theft, and other crimes. The bullet camera, with its naturally small and sleek design, has always been one of the go to cameras in just about every security camera system. They’re easy to maneuver. They’re easy to hide. They almost always come equipped with IR capabilities to monitor in the dark.

The idea of having cameras everywhere can be a scary thought, because you never know who is on the receiving end of those feeds. All “big brother” thoughts aside though, one can’t deny the endless applications that come with the use of bullet cameras and other surveillance technology. It’s all about safety, lowing crime, and keeping you your business, home, and assets protected.

There’s A Reason Why Bullet Cameras Are Consistently Used…

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There’s always a reason as to why we do the things we do. There’s always a purpose behind the choices we make. A method to our madness if you will. I’m not trying to come off as overly philosophical, more so just trying to make a point. When we choose a particular piece of technology over another, there’s always a reason for it. We’re not going to purposefully choose the worse device over the better one. At that point, you would be wasting your money and coming off as illogical. You can apply this to just about every device. Take a security camera system for example. You can have all the necessary recording software you need, but when it comes to the actual cameras, there is always comparisons to be had and decisions to be made.

All in all, there are plenty of choices that can be made that will meet your surveillance needs. There is one camera in particular, though, that many use; the bullet camera. Again, there’s a reason for this.

There is a lot that a bullet camera can offer the smart surveillance system shopper.

The bullet camera is a generally small camera that can be placed in various discreet locations, usually far enough out of reach to avoid vandalism. The entire reason you’re looking for a surveillance system is to stop things like vandalism anyway, right? These cameras are designed with a streamlined structure that allows them to be set up in places that most cameras couldn’t be placed in. Naturally, because of the design, this is where the camera gets its name. When you set up your security camera system, you want to be able to do it with the confidence that your cameras won’t be susceptible to vandalism. When you choose to have a bullet camera as part of you’re system, you get that confidence as they are easy to hide.

These cameras are also weather-proof. These are essentially the best cameras to have for outdoor surveillance. The typical box camera requires additional housing to the camera itself, and that can add to the overall cost of your security system. Additionally, bullet cameras are relatively cheap. Once placed outside, nothing short of a hurricane or tornado is going to stop this camera from monitoring what ever you want it to monitor.

If you’re looking for night time monitoring (who isn’t), you don’t need to worry about looking for another type of camera either. Most, if not all bullet cameras these days come with built in IR LEDs. Some of these IR bullet cameras can see up to 300 feet in complete darkness thanks to the number of Infrared LEDS that are packed into them. That’s the other sense of brilliance in the camera’s design. The lenses of these cameras are generally small, so that leaves more room to put the infrared LEDS in them. Obviously the more you have working together, the further the camera is able to see in the darkness.

The bullet camera is one of the most utilized cameras in any surveillance system, and with good reason. Between the weatherproof housing, the small size that can be utilized for proper and secluded placement, and the fact that almost all of them come with IR capabilities now, it’d be almost asinine to NOT have these in your security camera system.

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Bullet Cameras vs. Dome Cameras

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When it comes to camera functionality, bullet cameras and dome cameras are very similar. So basically you are just looking for which one will fit your specific needs and what your preferences are. Bullet cameras stick outward, kind of like the way the barrel of a gun would, and dome cameras have that circular, inconspicuous dome shape. It is probable that you have seen both of these many times, as they are both very popular.

Throughout this article, I will go over some of the pros and cons of both bullet cameras and dome cameras, and though there are not that many set in stone rules, hopefully this will help assist you in making the correct purchase for your needs. Some security integrators will disagree on certain pros and cons with each type of camera style, as they should, as there is no type of camera that is perfect for every single situation. If you decide not to read the full article, then you should know this right off the bat: 9 out of 10 CCTV installers will tell you that bullet cameras are better for outdoor applications and dome cameras are better for indoor applications.

If you have thought about it and decided that you need a long range camera, you’ll probably want to end up going with a bullet camera. The housing of the dome camera tends to limit the size of the lens. Typically, if a camera has a longer lens then that means that it has a longer range. Basically, bullet cameras can just see further. Period. Some dome cameras try to incorporate a lens with an extensive range, like the vandal proof dome from Veilux.

If you are looking for a camera for indoor use, dome cameras are much more common. They are way less intrusive, and most people would agree that they are far more elegant and sleek. They seem to flow more seamlessly with the style of the household or building they are in.

Bullet cameras are way better for outdoor use because they are normally weatherproof, but before you assume that, make sure you check the IP ratings of the camera so that you can be sure of the environmental protection. And as mentioned above, they have much longer range. This is more necessary when viewing a parking lot or another type of large area.

Overt vs. Covert:
Another good thing about the bullet camera is that if you are trying to discourage vandalism or theft, these cameras are a bit more obvious and intimidating. Dome cameras are a little bit harder to spot, so if you are in need of something more “hidden”, then you should go with a dome camera. Not only do they not stick out as much as a bullet camera, but the dome housing does not reveal where the camera is pointing. That can also be a turn off to potential wrong-doers.

As far as the cost goes, both bullet and dome cameras are very similar. With that being said, the bullet cameras and be a little bit more cost efficient because they only require the camera and the mount. Dome cameras come with the housing and all of the extra parts. This is pretty much just a generality though, there are some more expensive domes and some less expensive bullets.

Bullet cameras are generally much easier to install and mount than domes, as they are very simple point and shoot cameras. Attach them to the wall and they are ready to rock. Dome cameras aren’t always more difficult to mount, but they are more likely to require dismounting in the future to adjust the direction. This is something you should keep in mind.

Dome cameras for sure win the durability test by a landslide, at least the vandal proof ones. Vandal proof dome cameras are housed in a durable enclosure made to withstand just about anything from shaking them, to being vandalized. This is something to consider if your application is one where the camera is easily accessible and prone to these type of things happening.

As far as bullet cameras go, they can be easily moved or even knocked out of place with something as simple as a rock being thrown.

As I stated before, dome cameras are more likely to fit in with the inside of your house or business. The dome shape makes them more elegant and less intrusive. The overall aesthetics make domes a popular camera option.

Dome cameras also have a more clean and seamless look due to their ability to hide and protect the wiring, where as bullet cameras will often have their wiring exposed slightly. Again, it is very important to keep in mind that these things are not necessarily facts for all cameras. Some bullets will not have exposed wiring and some domes will.

Hopefully this made your decision a little bit easier! Have anything to add? Leave a comment!

Avigilon Announces New H3 HD Bullet Camera Series

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AvigilonAvigilon recently announced the HD Bullet camera series that captures high-quality detail in complete darkness thanks to built-in adaptive infrared illumination. The new camera series is available in 1MP, 2MP, 3MP and 5MP resolutions with the cameras capable of seeing facial details two times farther than the average bullet camera.

According to Senior Product Manager at Avigilon Rick Ramsay, “Being able to identify faces in the dark is a huge advantage when securing your business and protecting your people. Organizations around the world operate 24 hours a day. They need discreet, high-definition surveillance that provides business intelligence and protection to operate efficiently, regardless of the time of day.”

The adaptive IR illumination automatically manages camera settings and infrared lighting to capture details in surveillance footage that are lost by cameras using static IR illumination. This unique feature also matches the illumination to the scene, allowing security professionals to see image detail regardless of scene conditions.

In addition to that, the 1MP, 2MP and 3MP HD bullet cameras also come equipped with powerful in-sensor Wide Dynamic Range capabilities, which exposes each pixel multiple times for better image quality. Moreover, this feature also provides security professionals with a clear view of an entire scene, including areas that are brightly lit or in darkness or shadow.

According to Avigilon, the new H3 HD Bullet Camera series will be available in January 2013.

Source: – Avigilon Bullet Cameras Let You See Farther in the Dark

Vaddio Upgrades ClearVIEW HD-USB Camera Control System

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Vaddio logoVaddio, a leader in global robotic PTZ cameras and camera control systems, recently announced the release of a major software update to its USB camera line. The free Version 1.1 software update allows ClearVIEW HD-USB camera users to control the camera from any computer or mobile device, like a smartphone, laptop or tablet, that supports a web browser and has internet access.

According to CEO of Vaddio Rob Sheeley, “When we launched our EasyUSB camera systems we knew that our customers would demand a more sophisticated control approach than a traditional IR Remote Control. By connecting to the camera’s Ethernet port, users can now browse to the embedded web server built into the camera and have complete control of the camera by using the pre-configured web page user control panel.”

Internal web pages within the camera allow you to control the HD-USB camera through an internet connection using a standard web browser. This means that you can literally control the camera from anywhere in the world as long as you are connected to the internet.

In addition to that, users can also adjust pan, tilt, zoom and home controls along with pan, tilt and zoom speed controls as well as switch video sources and store and recall six camera presets. Administrators also have the ability to control security passwords, change the IP address, view diagnostics, access firmware upgrades and Help settings. The IP address will be displayed onscreen out of the composite, analog component (YPbPr) and the USB video output.

Source: Broadcast Newsroom – Vaddio Releases IP Camera Control Upgrade to ClearVIEW HD-USB PTZ Camera Systems

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Sony is No. 1 Leading Analog Camera Brand with Retail Facility Managers

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Sony logoSony Electronics’ Security Systems Division has just announced that the company has recently been awarded Frost & Sullivan’s 2012 United States Retail Facility Manager’s Choice Award for Best Brand of Analog Cameras. This is a good honor because these awards recognize companies that demonstrate outstanding achievement and superior performance in areas like leadership, technological innovation, customer service and strategic product development.

According to General Manager for Sony Electronics’ Security Systems Division Mark Collett, “We are very pleased to receive this award from Frost & Sullivan. While many retailers have started migrating towards IP camera systems, the analog market remains strong. We continue to innovate in both categories, providing affordable analog cameras based on the company’s advanced imaging technology, as well as a line of high-definition IP cameras. We are proud that the retail facility managers across the U.S. recognize that Sony is synonymous with image quality.”

Sony has 40 years of experience in advancing the art and science of image processing, meaning that both the analog and IP camera models from the company produce clearer video at higher frame rates than any other surveillance camera technologies on the market.

In addition to that, Sony is also the first camera manufacturer to create a hybrid camera solution that is capable of simultaneously transmitting both standard-definition analog and high-definition IP images over a single coaxial cable. This allows customers to utilize their investments in analog cabling and control rooms while also implementing a migration to IP.

Frost & Sullivan surveyed facility managers all across the Untied States and asked them which brand of analog surveillance cameras they consider using first, second and third. These numbers were calculated and revealed that Sony was the number one most considered company in the market.

Source: LP Magazine – Sony Recognized as the Leading Analog Camera Brand Among U.S. Retail Facility Managers

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What are the Top 10 Money Making Missions?

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