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Revolutionary Concepts Integrating EyeTalk IP Cameras with Handheld Technology

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security camera feedRevolutionary Concepts Incorporated has achieved a lot of big milestones in its attempt to deliver a plethora of apps for its EyeTalk IP camera technology which promotes preemption, prevention and peace of mind for its customers. Recent patent approvals, along with the signing of SIS Development Incorporated and the pending acquisition of Security Solutions & Management, LLC, have allowed Revolutionary Concepts Incorporated to begin to find its niche in access control, entry management and monitoring technology.

The new patented capabilities of EyeTalk represent a breakthrough development enhancing traditional monitoring and surveillance systems by adding applications that allow customers to have two-way audio and visual communication through their smartphones, tablets or other handheld devices.

The preemptive design of Revolutionary Concept Incorporated’s technology allows the commercial or residential consumer to identify and communicate with an individual remotely as they enter the perimeter of the property being monitored. This allows you to do things like instruct a delivery driver where to leave a package or conduct virtual visits with people.

In addition to that, police departments and security companies will have the assistance of event monitoring centers streaming real time video to their hand held devices while a crime is taking place. This provides these departments with valuable information that could be key in catching whoever was responsible or stopping a crime before or as it is happening.

According to President and CEO of Revolutionary Concepts Incorporated Ronald Carter, “Based on proven concepts and feasibility studies through two complete prototypes, I believe Revolutionary Concepts is moving into an arena where demand has indicated tremendous opportunities for growth.”

It seems that a lot of companies are integrating security camera technology with handheld devices. This is definitely a great way to keep tabs on your camera feeds from anywhere in the world whenever you need to.

Source: Market Watch – Revolutionary Concepts, Inc. Set to Integrate Its EyeTalk IP Camera With Multi-Billion Dollar Smartphone and Handheld Industry

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New IR Network Bullet Camera from Messoa

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Messoa NCR875PRO Bullet CameraMessoa Technologies Incorporated has just introduced the outdoor-ready 2 megapixel network bullet camera known as the NCR875PRO. This device is engineered to provide full 1080p HD smooth video streams at 30.25 full frames per second and is the perfect solution for outdoor applications where details are a priority.

The NCR875PRO strengthens any security system it is incorporated into by ensuring critical moments are captured and that no missing or dropped frames occur that will prevent you from collecting important evidence, should the need arise. The one thing you never want to happen is for something bad to go on and your cameras fail to capture it on video.

The Messoa NCR875PRO, with full 1080p HD 2 megapixel resolutions, captures smooth HD video no matter where it is mounted or what it is recording in a 16:9 aspect ratio. This allows a much wider coverage as well as finer details. The combination of the IR illuminator, mechanical IR-cut filter and proprietary Lumii imaging technology form a powerful trio for adapting extreme lighting changes throughout the day. Images are still able to be captured in superior quality, even in complete darkness.

This camera, which is also ONVIF-compliant, supports triple streaming, enabling the user with more flexibility in resolutions, frame rates and video quality to suit different bandwidth, platforms and back-end storage requirements. In addition to that, this camera has an IP-67 rated housing and a cable-concealed bracket to protect itself from unfavorable weather conditions and tampering. Other advanced features include things like intelligent video management, PoE, two-way audio and the micro SD/SDHC card slot that will facilitate easier installation and deployment.

The NCR875PRO from Messoa provides a comprehensive outdoor surveillance solution for detail-demanding applications that constantly require precise monitoring and detail identifications. The NCR875PRO from Messoa is available for shipment now from Messoa’s website.

Source: – MESSOA releases NCR875PRO 2MP network bullet camera with IR function

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SeSys Installs Mobotix CCTV Camera at Water Treatment Plant

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SeSys logoSeSys Ltd., a partner of Mobotix, has just been selected by Wessex Water to help with the commissioning and operation at one of its largest sewage pumping stations. SeSys has deployed a Mobotix camera that has been modified to meet Atex standards in an enclosed water screening building that pumps 8,000 liters of storm water into screens in order to remove debris before it is sent to treatment.

During the commissioning stage, the camera allowed technicians from Wessex Water to adjust the speed of the pumps. Wessex Water is a regional water and sewage treatment business serving an area in the southwest part of England covering over 6,000 square miles.

The screen is essential to stopping debris from being carried into a stream or river when a significant amount of rain exceeds the capacity of the treatment process. The pumps, in terms of power, can move enough water to fill an Olympic-sized swimming pool in just under six minutes when at full speed.

Wessex Water selected a Mobotix camera from SeSys, a specialist in digital IP and network video. SeSys is well-known within the industry for innovative projects, especially within challenging outdoor, subterranean and haz-chem environments.

The camera deployed is the SeSys SE-ATEX-IP-S-D24 camera. It uses technology based on Mobotix D24 cameras and was selected based on its Atex rating, proven reliability in similar, hostile locations and for its high quality images. According to SeSys, “We have also integrated the video feed into the local control panel and we can also remotely view any situation over our Wide Area Network.”

Overall, the installation proved extremely reliable within the pumping station and Mr. Mining, Wessex Water’s ICA Technical and Developmental Manager, believes that the use of CCTV technology in this way helps the organization to ensure the highest levels of service delivery, especially during times of heavy rain.

Source: – IP specialist SeSys deploys MOBOTIX CCTV camera solution to help challenging Wessex Water project

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Axis’ New Q1922 and Q1922-E Thermal Network Cameras

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Axis Q1922Axis Communications just announced an improved range of thermal network cameras with the launch of Axis Q1922 and Axis Q1922-E. These are the newest additions to the Axis Q19 Series launched back in January of 2010 as the world’s first true thermal network camera series. These new cameras feature VGA resolutions and a plethora of lens alternatives to ensure better image quality and extended detection ranges in complete darkness and challenging visual conditions.

The VGA resolution of these cameras provides more pixels on the detected  person or object. This significantly increases reliability and also improves surveillance efficiency and facilitates integration of intelligent video applications like motion and cross-line detection. In addition to that, these cameras are also perfect for cost-efficient 24-7 area or perimeter surveillance for critical applications like airports, power plants, transportation hubs and harbors. What’s more is that these cameras can also be easily integrated into any IP-based surveillance system.

According to General Manager of Axis Communications Incorporated Fredrik Nilsson, “The combination of thermal capabilities and IP video at an attractive price has made this technology – once only reserved for military-grade applications – appealing for a much wider range of installations and provides a higher level of safety and security to many more sites. As we continue to come out with enhanced thermal network camera models with varying lens options, our integrator partners and their customers have the ability to considerably enhance the detection quality and range of their 24-7 security solutions while more easily integrating third-party applications.”

The Axis Q1922 is designed for indoor surveillance with the Axis Q1922-E designed for outdoor surveillance with an IP66-rated housing. The four available lens alternatives, 640×480 VGA resolution and advanced image processor further improve effective area and perimeter surveillance. In addition to that, the four lens alternatives also sustain maximum flexibility in range and field of view, ranging from 320 to 1,970 yards depending on the lens options.

These new cameras also support key IP surveillance features, like H.264 and Motion JPEG compression, two-way audio, local storage and Power over Ethernet. In addition to that, as intelligent video is also a key component of any thermal network camera, these cameras provide a tampering alarm, motion detection and support for the Axis Camera Application Platform. Both of these cameras are expected to be available in January 2012 via Axis’ distribution channels.

Source: Business Wire – Axis Strengthens Thermal Network Camera Offering with Superior VGA Resolution and Enhanced Lens Options

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Interlogix Debuts New TruVision IP Camera Line

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InterlogixInterlogix has just expanded its video surveillance line to include IP and Megapixel cameras, both of which are PSIA and ONVIF compatible. This comes as part of a continuing effort by Interlogix to provide a more robust IP solution to its customers. Interlogix offers these latest additions that help make a full line of network recorders, analog and network cameras as well as transmission equipment.

These new cameras are TruVision IP open-standards cameras that offer a plethora of resolutions, including VGA, 2.0, 3.0 and 5.0 Megapixel models, all of which are capable of transmitting 1080p HD resolution in real-time. In addition to that, this complete line of cameras is now available in three consistent form factors that come with both indoor and outdoor vandal-proof housings.

According to Sales Leader of Video and Transmission at Interlogix Kostas Mellos, “Interlogix is focused on growing our IP expertise and these open-standards cameras can now offer customers a variety of options for their network installations. With this increased investment in video products, we are providing more IP-centric solutions that meet industry standards and can be integrated with third-party offerings.”

Fifteen of the seventeen new cameras support a local SD card in order to provide up to 32GB of onboard storage. This is not only extremely useful but also nearly double the amount of storage found on most cameras these days. The extra storage also provides a level of network redundancy in case of a connection failure.

You can install these cameras for standalone, small or even temporary installations where a network connection to an NVR or VMS isn’t really an option due to the fact that the new cameras allow the video to be stored locally on the camera itself. In addition to that, these new cameras also support Power over Ethernet (PoE).

Source: – TruVision Debuts Expanded IP Camera Line with Open Standards

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Raytec’s Autumn Webinars Focus on Security Cameras and Lighting

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Raytec logoSummer is coming to a close which means the days of it staying light out until 9 p.m. are getting less and less, before you know it you will have to start turning your headlights on at 5 p.m. on your way home from work. These earlier dark days also mean that artificial lighting is going to start becoming one of the main deterrents  to criminals.

That is why CCTV lighting experts Raytec have already released dates for their Autumn series of training webinars. These webinars are free to attend and are specifically designed to give security professionals the chance to catch up on all the new technologies as well as the latest techniques in system design in order to optimize lighting performance on-site.

Whether you are using infrared or white light, these webinars will offer practical tips and guidelines in order to help you maximize the night-time performance of your surveillance system as well as aid the specification of the best fit-for-purpose general lighting.

On Wednesday, September 7th check out the “Comparing Lighting Specifications” webinar. This webinar is designed to make the lighting design and specification process easier and to make users more informed. In addition to that, it will also allow security professionals to understand the differences between LED lighting and other technologies, effectively assess a range of different LED illuminators and their features and understand what features are necessary for different installations.

This webinar will also compare LED lighting against thermal imaging and bullet cameras and even give an in-depth look into the technologies behind controlling LED lifetime, specifying illumination distances, power levels and measuring light.

Wednesday, October 5th plays host to the “Lighting Fundamentals – Understanding the Basics” webinar. This webinar will give security professionals a better understanding of the principles of lighting, allowing the specification, installation and use of lighting to be more informed and achieve better nighttime images.

This session will also explore light and surface, brightness and glare, color rendering and images, reflectance and lenses and using the inverse square law to deploy multiple illuminators. In addition to that, this webinar also considers lighting as part of a system, explaining how the light emitted from an illuminator travels to the destination, reflects off of a surface and travels back to the camera sensor via the lens.

The final webinar will take place on November 2nd and is the “Insider Knowledge – Set-up Tips to Get the Most from Your Installation” webinar. Lighting has become an integral part of modern security camera systems and the performance and feature-sets of LED illuminators are rapidly developing.

In this session, engineers from Raytec will advise how to install illumination as well as how to exploit some of the more advanced features for real performance benefits. This webinar will also explore advanced techniques for designing lighting for major systems, including lighting for network cameras, domes, pulsed lighting and remote control systems.

If you are a security professional, then you will definitely want to check out Raytec’s webinars. They will be highly educational and will give you a lot of great information on how to maximize illumination to get the most out of your security system.

Source: – Raytec’s autumn webinar aims to train security professionals on latest surveillance lighting techniques

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Channel Vision Debuts New DVR Kits with Included Bullet Cameras

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Channel Vision logoChannel Vision, one of the leading providers of technology, security cameras and security technology, has just released two new DVR Kits to its line of surveillance solutions. Channel Vision is adding its DVR Kit – Outdoor Cameras (DVR-43GKit2) and DVR Kit – Indoor Cameras (DVR-43GKit3) to its highly successful Hidden DVR Kit (DVR-43GKit1).

What is cool is that all DVR Kits include a 4-channel DVR that utilizes the latest H.264 digital compression technology which is designed to improve video streaming capabilities and reduce the storage space needed to archive recorded video footage.

A 500GB SATA hard drive for video recording and four high resolution, outdoor IR bullet cameras with power supplies are all included with the DVR Kit -Outdoor Cameras. The DVR Kit – Indoor Cameras come with a standard 500GB SATA hard drive as well and four high resolution indoor IR dome cameras with power supplies. Both of these camera lines also provide 540 lines of resolution.

These kits come with all the necessary equipment needed for a basic camera installation at a price that won’t break the bank. According to President and CEO of Channel Vision Darrel Hauk, “By kitting together our 4-channel DVRs and selected cameras, installers are able to take advantage of a tremendous price break to help them better compete with kits available directly to consumers through warehouse and big box type stores.”

Source: Security Info Watch – Channel Vision releases new DVR Kits

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1/4″ Sony CL Bullet Camera

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1/4 Sony CL Bullet CameraThe Sony CL CDD Bullet is your everyday, run of the mill bullet camera. It is inexpensive and comes with a ton of great features that are sure to be popular with anybody interested in buying a bullet camera or a bullet camera security system. Bullet cameras are small which makes them easy to place and easy to hide, and they are, for the most part, fairly cheap to own and maintain.

Some major features of the Sony CL CDD Bullet Camera include the Sony Super HAD CDD sensor, built-in 3.6mm Board Lens, weatherproofing criterion IP66 (exclude Audio type) and DC voltage. But there are a lot of other specifications that the Sony CL CDD Bullet Camera has to offer.

Specifications that may spark your interest include: Sony 1/4″ Color Sony Super HAD CDD image device, PAL:500×582 picture elements, 420TVL resolution, 0.5 Lux / F 2.0 minimal illumination, more than 48dB S/N Ratio, PAL:1/50~1/110,000 electronic shutter, 0.45 gamma, Board lens 3.6mm / F2.0, Auto white balance, auto gain control, internal sync system, 1Vp-p / 75 Ohms video output, 2 Vp-p / 50 Ohms audio output, DC12V+/-10% power supply, 117 mA max power consumption and operating temperatures from as low as -10 degrees Celsius to as high as 50 degrees Celsius.

Overall the Sony CL CDD Bullet Camera is an all around well balanced camera. It has many features and specifications that many security camera owners will appreciate. If you are interested in renting one, then you should check out the Tech-Army E-Store. At the Tech-Army E-Store you can find a ton of bullet cameras including the Sony CL CDD Bullet Camera which is available for the low price of just $70.

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Y-Cam’s New Bullet Camera

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Y-Cam Bullet CameraAs any good businessman knows, one of the most crucial elements to your business is security. Whether you are ensuring that nobody invades your hard drive or simply just upgrading the locks, security is key. There are many companies out there dedicated to advancing everything we know about security cameras and one of them is Y-Cam. Y-Cam’s latest remote surveillance camera, the Bullet, is a small, full-color, weatherproof camera that can connect to your network.

Because it can do all this, users can view as well as hear exactly what is going on from anywhere as long as they have access to a PC or Mac that is connected to the internet or through a mobile phone. Apple has already developed a dedicated iPhone app but it works on other smartphones as well.

The camera has a built-in microphone that allows it to pick up sound as well as a built-in speaker so you can talk to the site, allowing you to talk to people your camera is viewing. However, this two-way feature does not work with Macs. Due to the fact the the Bullet is weatherproof, it can be placed inside or outside and deliver you the same performance. An optional sun visor is available to shade the Bullet from the sun if you don’t wish for your camera to get a tan.

At night the Bullet’s 12 infrared LEDs jump into action so it can see just as good in the dark as it does in the light. These lights turn on automatically and a “moonlight” view combines frames to increase brightness. The frame rate of the video transmitted adjusts automatically as well depending on the bandwidth available. Also, if you are viewing the video remotely, you can take still shots and record moving pictures to the remote hard drive. Up to 16 remote users can view the feed simultaneously, enabling you to check with your coworkers or colleagues if everything is in order.

A handy feature with the Bullet is the motion detection system. The software can notify you via email immediately when motion is detected. Y-Cam also boasts that the Bullet spots motion in sophisticated ways to reduce false alarms. In addition the email, the Bullet can also automatically upload images to your website allowing crucial images to be saved instantly and remotely.

The Bullet even comes with a memory card slot so it can store video locally if it is not connected to a network. Needless to say, the Bullet from Y-Cam is a highly-specked, well-made and highly affordable camera coming in at around $380.  To purchase a bullet camera visit and their low cost bullet cameras or and their full range of bullet cameras that are perfect for any type of surveillance.

Welcome to our Bullet Camera Blog!

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You guessed it. This blog is dedicated to bullet camera technology and its application in the real world. Our stories will be about products and their use. If you have a unique bullet camera product that you would like to share, or a unique application of bullet cameras, please drop us a line at Thanks and enjoy the blog.