Why Get A Bullet Camera?

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Vista VBC600When showing interest in home or business surveillance, it’s very easy to get to get side tracked or confused by the plethora camera types on the market. It it always best to do your research and then make your purchase. However, you can never really go wrong with bullet cameras, as long as you know how to mount and operate them. If you aren’t exactly sure why they would be a good choice, just think about all of applications that you could use them for. Once you have figured out what you need them for, then you can make the choice. Just remember when deciding, the bullet camera is very versatile.

Remember the reason for the name of bullet cameras. They are small. Roughly around 2 to 2.5 inches in length. This also helps attribute to their other name; lipstick cameras. The versatility of these cameras is definitely a huge help when setting them up. While most cameras such as box or dome cameras require separate housing for the camera when placing it outdoors, the bullet camera doesn’t. They are quite easy to install and can be placed virtually anywhere due to their small size. Theirr mounts usually always come with an extension arm. This arm helps in putting the camera in the exact position that you want it to be in. It doesn’t even matter if you wish to mount them on the wall or the ceiling. Like most cameras, it can be purchased with IR capabilities as well. Since the bullet camera has the shape it does, it is also very well suited to host quite a lot of LED InfraRed lights. Some can even hold up to 78 LED IR lights with a range of about 300 ft in the dark.

Bosch WZ Series bullet camera

With all of the positives, the bullet camera is not without its own flaws. Due to the extension arm, it can become quite susceptible to vandalism since they can be repositioned so easily. They are usually very limited to a pretty fixed focal length from the lens. The small shape and design can also interfere with the overall imaging of the camera due to the cut-off corners. Because of this, the camera’s field of vision can become negatively affected. This can cause a cut-off view of what you are trying to capture on your surveillance feed. The only way to try and avoid this is by proper positioning, different types of cameras to accompany your bullet camera, or seeing if there may be a different lens that can be fitted for your bullet camera.

When looking at it on paper, this camera could be perfect. Well, as long as it’s in a safe position away from vandals that is. Since most are IR equipped, they are perfect for night time surveillance. Their small size means that they can be very easy to tuck away into tight spots. They also produce the same type of digital video quality as most box and dome cameras. It has no need for the additional housing as a box camera would and has a longer range for InfraRed viewing than most dome cameras because of its shape. All perfect reasons to start out your security camera system with this versatile camera.

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Bullet Cameras vs. Dome Cameras

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When it comes to camera functionality, bullet cameras and dome cameras are very similar. So basically you are just looking for which one will fit your specific needs and what your preferences are. Bullet cameras stick outward, kind of like the way the barrel of a gun would, and dome cameras have that circular, inconspicuous dome shape. It is probable that you have seen both of these many times, as they are both very popular.

Throughout this article, I will go over some of the pros and cons of both bullet cameras and dome cameras, and though there are not that many set in stone rules, hopefully this will help assist you in making the correct purchase for your needs. Some security integrators will disagree on certain pros and cons with each type of camera style, as they should, as there is no type of camera that is perfect for every single situation. If you decide not to read the full article, then you should know this right off the bat: 9 out of 10 CCTV installers will tell you that bullet cameras are better for outdoor applications and dome cameras are better for indoor applications.

If you have thought about it and decided that you need a long range camera, you’ll probably want to end up going with a bullet camera. The housing of the dome camera tends to limit the size of the lens. Typically, if a camera has a longer lens then that means that it has a longer range. Basically, bullet cameras can just see further. Period. Some dome cameras try to incorporate a lens with an extensive range, like the vandal proof dome from Veilux.

If you are looking for a camera for indoor use, dome cameras are much more common. They are way less intrusive, and most people would agree that they are far more elegant and sleek. They seem to flow more seamlessly with the style of the household or building they are in.

Bullet cameras are way better for outdoor use because they are normally weatherproof, but before you assume that, make sure you check the IP ratings of the camera so that you can be sure of the environmental protection. And as mentioned above, they have much longer range. This is more necessary when viewing a parking lot or another type of large area.

Overt vs. Covert:
Another good thing about the bullet camera is that if you are trying to discourage vandalism or theft, these cameras are a bit more obvious and intimidating. Dome cameras are a little bit harder to spot, so if you are in need of something more “hidden”, then you should go with a dome camera. Not only do they not stick out as much as a bullet camera, but the dome housing does not reveal where the camera is pointing. That can also be a turn off to potential wrong-doers.

As far as the cost goes, both bullet and dome cameras are very similar. With that being said, the bullet cameras and be a little bit more cost efficient because they only require the camera and the mount. Dome cameras come with the housing and all of the extra parts. This is pretty much just a generality though, there are some more expensive domes and some less expensive bullets.

Bullet cameras are generally much easier to install and mount than domes, as they are very simple point and shoot cameras. Attach them to the wall and they are ready to rock. Dome cameras aren’t always more difficult to mount, but they are more likely to require dismounting in the future to adjust the direction. This is something you should keep in mind.

Dome cameras for sure win the durability test by a landslide, at least the vandal proof ones. Vandal proof dome cameras are housed in a durable enclosure made to withstand just about anything from shaking them, to being vandalized. This is something to consider if your application is one where the camera is easily accessible and prone to these type of things happening.

As far as bullet cameras go, they can be easily moved or even knocked out of place with something as simple as a rock being thrown.

As I stated before, dome cameras are more likely to fit in with the inside of your house or business. The dome shape makes them more elegant and less intrusive. The overall aesthetics make domes a popular camera option.

Dome cameras also have a more clean and seamless look due to their ability to hide and protect the wiring, where as bullet cameras will often have their wiring exposed slightly. Again, it is very important to keep in mind that these things are not necessarily facts for all cameras. Some bullets will not have exposed wiring and some domes will.

Hopefully this made your decision a little bit easier! Have anything to add? Leave a comment!

Avigilon Announces New H3 HD Bullet Camera Series

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AvigilonAvigilon recently announced the HD Bullet camera series that captures high-quality detail in complete darkness thanks to built-in adaptive infrared illumination. The new camera series is available in 1MP, 2MP, 3MP and 5MP resolutions with the cameras capable of seeing facial details two times farther than the average bullet camera.

According to Senior Product Manager at Avigilon Rick Ramsay, “Being able to identify faces in the dark is a huge advantage when securing your business and protecting your people. Organizations around the world operate 24 hours a day. They need discreet, high-definition surveillance that provides business intelligence and protection to operate efficiently, regardless of the time of day.”

The adaptive IR illumination automatically manages camera settings and infrared lighting to capture details in surveillance footage that are lost by cameras using static IR illumination. This unique feature also matches the illumination to the scene, allowing security professionals to see image detail regardless of scene conditions.

In addition to that, the 1MP, 2MP and 3MP HD bullet cameras also come equipped with powerful in-sensor Wide Dynamic Range capabilities, which exposes each pixel multiple times for better image quality. Moreover, this feature also provides security professionals with a clear view of an entire scene, including areas that are brightly lit or in darkness or shadow.

According to Avigilon, the new H3 HD Bullet Camera series will be available in January 2013.

Source: equities.com – Avigilon Bullet Cameras Let You See Farther in the Dark

Innovative Security Designs Debuts New Jaguar Mini IP Camera Series

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Innovative Security Designs Jaguar Mini Camera SeriesInnovative Security Designs recently announced the availability of its Jaguar Mini camera series. These cameras are edge-based IP surveillance cameras that deliver unmatched flexibility and reliability and are available in a small form factor. These cameras are the latest development in ISD’s vision to offer the plethora of capabilities of IP video with the ease of installation and operation typically associated with analog systems.

The new cameras are the JMS-AF-1080P and JMS-CS-1080P, both of which deliver full 1080p HD resolutions based on 2MP CMOS image sensors. In addition to that, the cameras also feature dual 256GB SD slots for more flexible storage options. Users can also leverage 512 GB of total edge-based storage or enhance reliability by using the SD cards as a mirrored pair.

Moreover, these cameras also include Wide Dynamic Range and outputs for analog devices to help users transition from analog to IP systems. ISD will also offer a dome housing option that is suitable for a variety of different environments and security applications.

The Jaguar Mini also incorporates all the IP benefits that you expect from ISD devices, including motion detection and advanced H.264 compression in order to reduce storage costs and bandwidth requirements. The cameras are also powered by POE or DC and produce less than 3 watts of power consumption.

Day/Night filters provide excellent performance in low-light situations while internal and external mic input and line out deliver full duplex audio. What’s more, these cameras also allow for remote and immediate camera configuration via full-time NTSC/PAL analog interface, delivering a simple, affordable and problem-free solution that includes all the benefits of IP security.

According to Founder and CEO of ISD Ian Johnston, “ISD was born at the edge, and we’ve fully integrated this approach into our IP cameras. The Jaguar Mini provides customers with complete flexibility when it comes to storage options: long-term on-board storage, enhanced reliability and peace of mind through mirrored SD cards, and external integration with NAS devices. We’ve truly taken edge-based surveillance one step further by providing more options to our partners and customers. The choice is yours.”

Source: Security Info Watch – Innovative Security Designs’ Jaguar Mini Cameras

Messoa Announces New NCR878 IR Network Bullet Camera

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Messoa NCR878Messoa has just announced the addition of the NCR878 IR bullet network camera to its 5MP camera line. The NCR878 features 5MP image sensor optimization for performance in low light situations and delivers high-quality image sharpness and view coverage for 24/7 surveillance.

In addition to that, this camera also comes with a built-in IRF illuminator, allowing up to 20 meters of range, making the NCR878 perfect for outdoor surveillance. Moreover, this camera is also backed by proprietary Lumii Technology to optimize its low light performance.

The NCR878 also comes with a plethora of intelligent detection functions, as well as face detection that can trigger alerts to users and take configurable actions upon capturing the face of an unwanted intruder. Changes in lighting conditions are detected by an integrated IR Cut Filter Removable function, which switches between color and black-and-white when low light is detected.

The NCR878 also supports DC Iris control, which enables the camera to adjust the iris accordingly and respond to any sudden changes in light levels, giving you optimized sharpness at all times. IP67-rated weatherproof housing and protective rain guard also allow this camera to be used in a variety of different outdoor locations while the cable management design prevents the cables from being exposed, eliminating damages from rain and other elements.

If you are looking for an all-around outdoor IR bullet camera for 24/7 surveillance then the NCR878 from Messoa is one you should look into. It is capable of withstanding harsh elements and can be optimized to fit almost any surveillance situation, not matter what your need may call for.

Source: SourceSecurity.com – Messoa adds the NCR878 IR bullet camera to the 5-megapixel line-up

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DogCam Bullet HD Good for POV Recording, Not Much Else

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DogCam Bullet HDAs far as simplicity goes, the Bullet HD is about as simple as they come. All in all, the camera comes with a lens at one end and a mini USB port, MicroSD cad slot and microphone at the other, all covered by a screw on cap. In addition to that, there is a button in the middle and that’s pretty much it.

What’s more is that the HD bullet is also pretty small. The entire camera only measures 78mm long and 22mm in diameter and only weighs 36 grams. The little guy is so light, in fact, that you can attach it to almost any surface with simple self-adhesive Velcro patches. What’s more is that there are enough pieces in the box to attach the camera to a helmet or goggles, just in case you want some first person action shots.

The one downside is that you don’t get a whole lot of settings and modes with the Bullet HD. Basically, you push the button to start and hold the button to stop while the LEDs along the side of the lens tell you what the camera is doing. The camera is pretty straightforward, though some user reviews have complained at the lack of auditory beeps when recording starts and stops and that the button is too small.

Picture quality is HD, though it isn’t full 1080p HD but 720p, and the picture quality also struggles in low light. Plus, even though the camera has been given a “wide” description, the field of view is actually pretty narrow at only 135 degrees.

This camera wouldn’t be the best for surveillance situations, unless you were doing some cool covert spy surveillance. On the flip side, the camera is good for POV recording and other quick, handheld recording situations.

Source: bikeradar.com – DogCam Bullet HD Wide camera review

Vaddio Upgrades ClearVIEW HD-USB Camera Control System

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Vaddio logoVaddio, a leader in global robotic PTZ cameras and camera control systems, recently announced the release of a major software update to its USB camera line. The free Version 1.1 software update allows ClearVIEW HD-USB camera users to control the camera from any computer or mobile device, like a smartphone, laptop or tablet, that supports a web browser and has internet access.

According to CEO of Vaddio Rob Sheeley, “When we launched our EasyUSB camera systems we knew that our customers would demand a more sophisticated control approach than a traditional IR Remote Control. By connecting to the camera’s Ethernet port, users can now browse to the embedded web server built into the camera and have complete control of the camera by using the pre-configured web page user control panel.”

Internal web pages within the camera allow you to control the HD-USB camera through an internet connection using a standard web browser. This means that you can literally control the camera from anywhere in the world as long as you are connected to the internet.

In addition to that, users can also adjust pan, tilt, zoom and home controls along with pan, tilt and zoom speed controls as well as switch video sources and store and recall six camera presets. Administrators also have the ability to control security passwords, change the IP address, view diagnostics, access firmware upgrades and Help settings. The IP address will be displayed onscreen out of the composite, analog component (YPbPr) and the USB video output.

Source: Broadcast Newsroom – Vaddio Releases IP Camera Control Upgrade to ClearVIEW HD-USB PTZ Camera Systems

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