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Bosch Develops New License Plate Imager for IP Cameras

Posted in Low Light with tags , , , on April 29, 2012 by zackduncan

Bosch Dinion license plate captureBosch Security Systems has created a high-performance imager, designed to capture high-quality images of vehicle license plates at speeds of up to 140mph. The Dinion capture uses advanced optics to obtain clear, legible plate images up to nearly 92 feet away, even in low-light situations. This enables accurate vehicle identification and is available on analog versions of IP imagers that feature ONVIF conformance.

These new imagers feature the Night Capture Imaging System, which creates a shot of infrared illumination while also filtering out visible light at the same time. This ensures that you get crystal clear images of license plates in complete darkness while also eliminating any and all negative effects that could be caused by things like headlight glare.

Advanced Ambient Compensation also combines high-intensity pulsed infrared illumination with an ultra-fast shutter and an automatic mode switching to minimize overexposure from outside sources, like sunlight, headlights and taillights, giving you a more accurate automatic license plate recognition.

Six different adjustable modes allow you to optimize your imager for capturing plates specific to local region, something that could be very beneficial to users. This feature allows you to fine-tune for specific license plate recognition algorithms or for configuring automatic mode changes in varying lighting situations.

The new imager, along with the attached overview camera (optional), includes Bosch Dinion 20-bit processing for clear images, even in low-light and high-contrast settings. The overview day/night camera captures a wide view image, which aids in vehicle make and model identification and delivers excellent color reproduction during the day and crisp monochrome images during the night.

IP cameras easily integrate with Bosch Digital Video Recorders, the Bosch Video Management System and Bosch Video Client. Conformance with the latest ONVIF standard also ensures that the technology is supported by third party video management systems.

Source: Source Security – Bosch Security Systems releases high-performance license plate imager for IP video surveillance

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Bosch’s New IP 200 Series Cameras

Posted in Low Cost with tags , , , , , on September 30, 2011 by zackduncan

Bosch IP 200 SeriesBosch has just released its newest Advantage line of analog and IP CCTV cameras, designed to boost the company’s already high quality systems to small businesses. This new, affordable range of CCTV systems comes fully equipped with features that are perfectly suited to smaller installations but that also deliver the same high quality and high reliability that high-end Bosch systems are already known for.

This new series, known as the IP 200 Series, includes a plethora of CCTV systems that are suitable for a wide range of applications. A new 4-camera setup, for example, could be made up of a fixed-body, dome and IR indoor camera combined with an outdoor IR bullet camera.

In addition to that, advanced features include progressive scan to ensure sharp images of moving objects and all cameras are very easy to set up. Power over Ethernet (PoE) also enables single cable functionality for both the camera’s power and video saving you some time and money with installation.

Almost all of the IP 200 Series cameras come with a local SD card slot for video storage, except for the IP 200 series bullet camera. The bullet camera is designed for rough, outdoor use and is also water-resistant. These cameras also come with integrated active infrared technology which ensures 24/7 video surveillance in both daylight and complete darkness.

Just like Bosch’s other Advantage line products, the IP 200 Series is perfect for situations where a professional security camera that has great features and an affordable price is essential, like an office, small business, retail store, gas station, parking lot, daycare or even your very own home.

Source: Wavestore – Bosch releases their new Advantage line of CCTV products