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Submersible Bullet Cameras

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WELDEX WDB-7700BSecurity cameras are used to monitor a ton of different things–businesses, homes, parking lots, gas stations, driveways, storage areas, you name it. But has anybody ever needed to monitor something underwater? And if they have, is that even remotely possible? The answer to both of those questions is a definite yes.

The WELDEX WDB-7700B is a black and white submersible bullet camera that is capable of streaming content while under water. The camera comes with a ton of specifications and features that are very much the same as your traditional bullet cameras as well.

The camera comes with a 1/3″ CDD image sensor which delivers very good images. The high resolution of 430 TV lines allows the WDB-7700B to deliver crystal clear images as well as excellent quality images in low light situations with a low lux sensitivity of 0.03lux.

This device is also available in both black and white housings in order to match up with various backgrounds. The WDB-770B can also be completely submersed in water to a depth of up to 100 to 200 feet.

This camera housing can be used for outdoor, indoor and underwater environments and can withstand temperatures ranging from -4 degrees to +158 degrees. The WDB-7700B comes with a pre-focused lens, mounting brackets and BNC/RCA plug leads. This camera also comes with a signal to noise ratio of more than 50 db and shows internal synchronization.

If you need a bullet camera that can literally withstand anything, then you will be hard pressed to find one that is better than the WELDEX WDB-7700B.

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OB-100A Outdoor Bullet Camera

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Bullet cameras are one of the most popular forms of security cameras on the market right now. Their small size and affordable pricing make them eye candy to anybody looking for a cheap, reliable security camera system. Bullet cameras are also popular due to their versatility. You can use a bullet camera in just about any situation including traffic surveillance, IP surveillance, home surveillance or even business surveillance. The interchangeable feature of the bullet camera is what makes it so unique and so valued.

If you are trying to run a traffic surveillance system, an IP-based setup can provide you with traffic and accident coverage in real time. However, the installation behind such a system is arduous. Installing the Ethernet cabling which is needed for transmitting your images is difficult and expensive, and that is only part of the job. But for every problem we may find, there is always somebody with a solution. In this case, our solution comes from the company Brickcom and their OB-100A bullet camera series.

The OB-100A Bullet network camera series from Brickcom provides users with customizable IEEE 802.11 a/b/g/n wireless as well as 3G HSUPA module wireless options. This basically allows the user’s cameras to transmit images and data via a WiFi or 3G network. What is great about the OB-100A series is that with these transmission options, as well as all the other advanced features that come with the camera, you can have full 24/7 surveillance anywhere you need it.

The OB-100A is able to transmit crystal clear images without the need of extensive bandwidth due to a progressive embedded megapixel sensor, triple-code compression and simultaneous dual-stream. What’s more is that users also have the ability to view a live feed of their cameras anytime they want to from anywhere they want using any web browser or 3G mobile phone, adding even more convenience to your surveillance system.

Another things that is good about Brickcom’s camera series is the sheer amount of user friendly features that comes with it. One feature is the Smart Focus capability which allows users to adjust the focal lens via the web GUI easily. Another feature is the WPS button. The WPS button on the OB-100A gives users an easy connection to the internet and even makes the WiFi connection to an AP/Router, which can sometimes be difficult, very easy to trouble shoot. One of the main things consumers look for in a security system is the system’s user friendliness.

You don’t have to worry about the OB-100A being affected by the elements either. The cameras in the series come with an IP67 outdoor enclosure which protects them from rain, snow, wind, dust, hail and just about anything else you can imagine. The cameras are also equipped with an industrial fan and heater built-in, allowing the device to perform up to par in temperatures as low as -40ºF to as high as 140ºF.

Extensive event monitoring options are also offered by the OB-100A’s web GUI. This includes motion detection as well as audio detection. Whenever the camera is triggered by unauthorized movement, it can be scheduled to notify the user immediately by sending snapshots and video to your email account, FTP, Samba or HTTP server. Additional protection can be added to the cameras, such as alarms or smoke detectors, with a DI/DO terminal.

Needless to say, if you are interested in a top of the line outdoor bullet camera, then the OB-100A series from Brickcom is definitely worth a look. The series has all the features of a top notch camera system as well as many user friendly options and accessories out the wazoo that make it perfect for any surveillance project, regardless of size or location. is news of, for and by SMBs!… The Small & Medium Business Magazine!

Low Light Bullet Cameras

Posted in Low Light with tags , , , , , on May 11, 2010 by arwendt

low light bullet cameraWondering what it means when you hear the phrase “low light” in connection with a security camera? And then of course the next question becomes: “What does this mean when you are considering the purchase of a security camera system?”

Let’s start with the basic concept that, just like our own eyes, cameras need light to see. However some cameras need more light than others. Take for example the camera on my cell phone, anything short of a few hundred watts of light bulbs in the room and the pictures from my cell phone will look grainy and dark. Often black to the point of being worthless. That same thing will happen to security cameras when they make no claim to be low light capable and they simply don’t have enough light to operate.

A camera’s ability to handle low light conditions is measured by its lux rating. To keep it simple Webster says a lux is “a unit of illumination equal to the direct illumination on a surface that is everywhere one meter from a uniform point source of one candle intensity or equal to one lumen per square meter.” Simple being a relative term of course.

So when you see a camera that claims to be “low light” you know it means it will not require a great deal of light to operate. To better put things in perspective here are some common values for lux: A moonless night 0.002 lux, a quarter moon 0.01 lux, a full moon 1 lux, and standard living room light at 50 lux.

Using the above lux measurements as a rough guide imagine your own low light situation, be it your bar, your back yard, your warehouse etc., and make sure you get a camera that’s going to do the job for the environment. One such camera to consider for low light applications is a low light bullet camera featuring the Sony EX-View chip set. The Sony EX-View chip set is the key component in the camera that enables it to provide a clear bright picture even in low light situation. This particular low light bullet camera has a lux rating of 0.05 but values as low as 0.002 are not that uncommon.

Benefits of low light bullet camera include some great features such as they are inexpensive, easy to mount, most often weatherproof, and indiscreet. These characteristic make low light bullet cameras a great fit for a bar, the exterior of your residence or place of business, or even as an all purpose camera to cover both interior and exterior spaces when the light source is not constant.

For more information on low light bullet cameras and how they can help meet your surveillance needs call 877-422-1907 today!

Follow this link to learn more about how a low light bullet camera could be a part of your bar surveillance system.

GeoVision Compatible IP Bullet Cameras

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GeoVission Compatible Bullet CamerasA lot of time has passed since last I wrote about IP based bullet cameras. Though many of the old points about IP cameras remain unchanged their advance into everyday surveillance applications is growing by leaps and bounds.

One relatively new feature being offered by IP Bullet Cameras is, for select models, their compatibility and integration into the GeoVsion Surveillance Software. The camera in the picture above is one such GeoVision compatible IP bullet camera manufactured by the ACTi Corporation. This IP based Bullet Camera is typical of the IP products now being integrated into the same great GeoVison security camera software that has been protecting business worldwide for years. Follow this link to learn more about the new GeoVison V8.3 features and IP support.

Keep in mind that you must be sure to purchase the correct version of the GeoVision NVR software to support third party IP cameras and even then your camera must be on the GeoVison supported IP camera list. But given those requirements are covered the benefits of being able to add high resolution capable IP cameras to your GeoVison system can be enormous.

IP based bullet cameras fit nicely into your overall surveillance picture in much the same way they do in the analog world. Being a bullet camera they are weatherproof, easy to install, often on the more affordable end of the IP camera product line, and still provide a great picture.

For more information on the ACTi IP bullet camera pictured above, or information on how to integrate IP cameras into your GeoVison surveillance system call at 877-422-1907. Or click the following link to request IP bullet camera information via e-mail.

Traits of a Perfect Bullet Camera

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What makes a perfect bullet cameraWhen it comes to bullet cameras, as is the case with just about any topic, the concept of “perfect”, like beauty itself, is in the eye of the beholder. But when it comes to something so utilitarian as a security camera, I think we can easily agree on a short list of traits that contribute to a “perfect bullet camera”.

1. The perfect bullet camera must not be big. In the case of the perfect bullet camera small can be a good thing. Small bullet cameras are easy to mount. Small bullet cameras are discrete. Small bullet cameras are going to be less expensive. And, in my opinion, small is clearly that way to go.

2. Low light is a must for the perfect bullet camera. And when I say low light, I mean just that, a bullet camera with a Sony EX-View CCD that will operate in the range of .05 Lux. A low light bullet camera does require some ambient light, but it does not require its own infrared illuminators that produce a visible bug attracting glow and require a larger housing to be effective.

3. Being weatherproof is a must for the perfect bullet camera. So when considering a bullet camera, be very careful that it is truly rated for outdoor use. In a perfect world all outdoor cameras would list their IP (Ingress Protection) rating and then there would be no doubt about the cameras ability to live outside. Failing that, look for the phrase “Waterproof”, “Weatherproof”, or “Outdoor”.

4. Dual voltage is worthy of mention as a trait for the perfect bullet camera. However, dual voltage can be a double-edged sword. A camera that can operate at either 12VDC or 24VAC can give you a lot more flexibility when it comes to installation; however, that flexibility comes at a high sticker price which is incompatible with another one of our traits for the perfect bullet camera. So be sure to weigh the pros and cons of dual voltage prior to making your next bullet camera purchase.

5. Finally, the perfect bullet camera must also be affordable. Affordability allows for larger security camera systems that of course can provide a larger coverage area. So even though there are always better bullet cameras out there, they will do you little good if they are outside of the budget.

Call us today at 877-422-1907 for our current choice for the most perfect bullet camrea.

What is a Bullet Camera

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Typical Bullet CameraA bullet camera is a type of security camera that is generally in the shape of a cylinder. They usually range in size from as large as a pop can to as small as a tube of lipstick. Today bullet cameras are more popular than ever due to the fact that bullet cameras are generally cheaper than other security cameras and also they are very easy to install.

Why are they called bullet cams?

A bullet cam is just the most common nickname for this type of camera. They are also called helmet cameras, micro video cameras, and lipstick cameras. But the name that you see most, and that we prefer, is “Bullet Camera”. It received this nickname due to its strong resemblance to a bullets shell casing.

Bullet Cameras have become a mainstream security camera for a number of reasons. Bullet Cameras are one of the most cost effective solutions for CCTV monitoring. They can show images in both black and white and color. Also Bullet Cams are known to have great image quality, which is essential for any security camera. They are also a very discrete security camera and usually average in size of only 2 to 3 inches long. Bullet Cameras are also able to function in both indoors and outdoors and are able to perform in low light and normal environments.

Bullet Cameras also come in a variety of prices. The cheapest start at just $50, for a very basic black and white low quality camera and the best bullet cams range around the price range of $300, for a high quality full color camera.

When buying a Bullet Camera make sure to keep in mind what manufacturer you are buying from. It is just like buying the name brand computer dell over some off brand no name computer. Some trusted manufacturers include: Cop professional CCTV, Ever Focus and KT&C. 

One of the main selling points for a Bullet Camera is they are just so easy to set-up. Almost all Bullet Cameras come with the camera already pre-assembled with the casing, the camera, the lens and the IR emitters already installed and put together. The only thing that you have to worry about is where you want to mount it.