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IQeye R5 Series Bullet Cameras From IQinVision

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IQinVision, one of the market leaders in high-performance HD megapixel IP cameras recently announced that it would be releasing its all new IQeye R5 Series of bullet cameras. The R5 Series bullet cameras are full-featured, multi-megapixel H.264 Main Profile indoor/outdoor bullet cameras. In addition to that, these cameras also have support for up to 3MP resolution, making these cameras versatile and able to provide multiple, individually-configured H.264 and MJPEG streams simultaneously.

These cameras also feature on-board storage as well as a built-in IR, making them perfect for retail, commercial, city and transportation applications. Other features that are included with the IQeye R5 Series are 30fps at HD720p and HD1080p, 20fps at 3MP and an IP66-rated outdoor housing.

There are also a host of applications that are available for the R5 Series. Some of these applications include IQfinder, IQmanager, IQevent, IQanalytics and Direct-to-Storage while the camera line is backed by the IQVision best-in-industry warranty of three years.

According to Executive Vice President and Vice President of Sales for IQinVision Rob Ledenko, “The new bullet cameras really round out our product offering nicely. They are versatile, high performance cameras, and they’re priced to be a competitive fir for a wide range of market applications.”

Bullet cameras have been the go-to system for lots of different applications. Businesses, schools, parking lots and other scenarios use bullet cameras due to their small size and ability to be installed virtually anywhere. In addition to that, most bullet cameras are weatherproof, meaning they are the perfect solution for outdoor surveillance as they can stand up in rain, snow, wind, dust or any other condition you throw at them.

Bullet cameras are also exceptionally good at night surveillance. Built-in IR LEDs are common in almost all bullet cameras, allowing you to record 24/7 day and night. In addition to that, some of these cameras have the ability to see as far as 300 feet in total darkness or farther depending on the amount of LEDs built-in.

Vandal-proof housing is also generally included in all bullet cameras as well. Not only are bullet cameras small enough to put out of reach but also, should someone try to tamper with them, the vandal-proof housing will stop them in their tracks.

With the ability to be put virtually anywhere, the small size, the day/night surveillance capabilities, the weatherproof housing and the ability to connect to apps and stream each camera individually it’s easy to see how bullet cameras, like the R5 Series, are one of the most popular products in modern surveillance.

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Avigilon Announces New H3 HD Bullet Camera Series

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AvigilonAvigilon recently announced the HD Bullet camera series that captures high-quality detail in complete darkness thanks to built-in adaptive infrared illumination. The new camera series is available in 1MP, 2MP, 3MP and 5MP resolutions with the cameras capable of seeing facial details two times farther than the average bullet camera.

According to Senior Product Manager at Avigilon Rick Ramsay, “Being able to identify faces in the dark is a huge advantage when securing your business and protecting your people. Organizations around the world operate 24 hours a day. They need discreet, high-definition surveillance that provides business intelligence and protection to operate efficiently, regardless of the time of day.”

The adaptive IR illumination automatically manages camera settings and infrared lighting to capture details in surveillance footage that are lost by cameras using static IR illumination. This unique feature also matches the illumination to the scene, allowing security professionals to see image detail regardless of scene conditions.

In addition to that, the 1MP, 2MP and 3MP HD bullet cameras also come equipped with powerful in-sensor Wide Dynamic Range capabilities, which exposes each pixel multiple times for better image quality. Moreover, this feature also provides security professionals with a clear view of an entire scene, including areas that are brightly lit or in darkness or shadow.

According to Avigilon, the new H3 HD Bullet Camera series will be available in January 2013.

Source: – Avigilon Bullet Cameras Let You See Farther in the Dark

DogCam Bullet HD Good for POV Recording, Not Much Else

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DogCam Bullet HDAs far as simplicity goes, the Bullet HD is about as simple as they come. All in all, the camera comes with a lens at one end and a mini USB port, MicroSD cad slot and microphone at the other, all covered by a screw on cap. In addition to that, there is a button in the middle and that’s pretty much it.

What’s more is that the HD bullet is also pretty small. The entire camera only measures 78mm long and 22mm in diameter and only weighs 36 grams. The little guy is so light, in fact, that you can attach it to almost any surface with simple self-adhesive Velcro patches. What’s more is that there are enough pieces in the box to attach the camera to a helmet or goggles, just in case you want some first person action shots.

The one downside is that you don’t get a whole lot of settings and modes with the Bullet HD. Basically, you push the button to start and hold the button to stop while the LEDs along the side of the lens tell you what the camera is doing. The camera is pretty straightforward, though some user reviews have complained at the lack of auditory beeps when recording starts and stops and that the button is too small.

Picture quality is HD, though it isn’t full 1080p HD but 720p, and the picture quality also struggles in low light. Plus, even though the camera has been given a “wide” description, the field of view is actually pretty narrow at only 135 degrees.

This camera wouldn’t be the best for surveillance situations, unless you were doing some cool covert spy surveillance. On the flip side, the camera is good for POV recording and other quick, handheld recording situations.

Source: – DogCam Bullet HD Wide camera review

New Mini Bullet Camera Released by Wren Solutions

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Wren Solutions logoWren Solutions has just announced the immediate availability of a new mini bullet camera, which has been purpose-built with retail in mind. The camera provides the perfect solution for store owners looking for a video surveillance solution that is cost-effective and aesthetically pleasing.

The camera, which is a high-resolution mini bullet camera, is available in black or white and includes an auto-iris, vari-focal lens. In addition to that it also accepts 12 VDC or 24VAC and is UL-approved. A universal mounting bracket is also included with the camera, which allows for fast and easy installation on open ceilings and ensures minimal disruption to the environment.

Andrew Wren, CEO of Wren Solutions, says the new mini bullet camera is perfect for the needs of retailers large and small. Wren noted, “We saw the need among both our smaller retailers, as well as larger enterprises, to offer a solution that was flexible and easy to implement.”

What’s even better is that retailers will be able to integrate the new mini bullet cameras into existing video surveillance systems or consider compatibility with Wren’s line of recording solutions. Total measurements for the mini bullet camera come in at 4″ long by 2″ thick weighing approximately 1,1 lbs, which makes its design convenient for quick and easy deployment in virtually any retail environment.

According to Wren, “As an American manufacturer serving the country’s largest retailers for nearly 30 years, our experience with the industry’s most challenging environments gives us the ability to work hand-in-hand with retailers to develop solutions that truly meet their needs, both aesthetically and functionally.”

The all new mini bullet cameras from Wren Solutions are currently available and ready for deployment. You can get all the information about Wren and these new cameras at Wren’s website, where you can also acquire the cameras directly.

Source: Market Watch – Wren Announces New Mini Bullet Camera

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Honeywell Debuts Two New 600 TVL Day/Night Bullet Cameras

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Honeywell HBD95SXHoneywell has just introduced the all new HBD92SX and HBD95SX Day/Night bullet cameras. Each camera comes complete with IR illumination and is designed to provide high quality video 24/7 in both indoor and outdoor surveillance situations.

In addition to that, both of these cameras also include a high resolution 600 TVL 1/3″ Sony Super HAD CCD imager, Digital Noise Reduction (DNR), Digital Slow Shutter (DSS) and external controls for lens zoom, focus and camera set-up. The HBD92SX features a 2.8-12 mm F1.4 IR corrected vari-focal lens with 56 IR LEDs with a 30m range while the HBD95SX features a 5-50 mm FR1.4 IR corrected vari-focal lens with 42 IR LEDs with a 45m range.

Each camera also features installation adjustments that can be accomplished without opening the housings. Screw gears allow the installer to adjust the lens field of view and focus. The porthole at the bottom also provides access to the On Screen Display menu as well as the IR power adjustment.

Also included is a 600 TVL resolution for sharper image detail combined with DNR and DSS, which offer fantastic performance in low light situations. Degradation of image quality under low light conditions has also been reduced thanks to the DNR technology utilized in the cameras.

The F1.4 IR corrected aspherical vari-focal lenses offer a wide range of field of view settings while 12 privacy zones can be programmed per camera, enabling the end user to ensure any civil liberties are protected within the scene that is being monitored.

In addition to that, the IR LEDs provide illumination of up to 45m depending on the scene reflectivity. The IR LEDs, along with the IR cut filter moving out of the optical path, the F1.4 rating of the lenses and the amount of reflection of the IR light from the object of interest will impact the distance the camera can provide a usable image of an object.

Source: – New 600 TVL Day/Night Bullet Cameras with IR Illumination from Honeywell

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Hikvision Adds New HD WDR Bullet Camera to HD WDR Series

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Hikvision logoHikvision has recently expanded its HD WDR camera selection with the additions of the new DS-2CD754FWD-E(I) 2MP WDR dome camera, DS-2CD764FWD-E 1.3MP WDR dome camera, DS-2CD8264FWD-EI 1.3MP WDR bullet camera and DS-2CD864FFWD-E 1.3MP WDR camera. All of these cameras allow you to clearly identify objects and surroundings regardless of extreme lighting contrast conditions.

In comparison to your standard WDR cameras, Hikvision’s HD cameras are positioned to meet the needs of a growing market for high image quality cameras. In addition to that, these cameras are also equipped with top-notch WDR technology. Hikvision also guarantees the highest video quality possible by utilizing superior megapixel resolutions and true color reproduction.

One of the more noteworthy cameras from Hikvision is the DS-2CD864FWD-E 1.3MP WDR camera. This device utilizes 120dB wide dynamic range and high-quality low-light performance complete with a minimum illumination of 0.6Lux at F1.2 in color mode. The camera also has a minimum illumination of 0.08Lux at F1.2 in black-and-white mode as well.

3D digital noise reduction, along with true day/night capabilities, also allows you to have excellent image quality no matter what time of day it is. In addition to that, you also get to record in a 1,280 x 960 resolution as well as Power over Ethernet (PoE), which greatly simplifies the installation process.

Hikvison plans on showcasing its high definition camera products and solutions at this year’s ISC West. IP cameras from Hikvision with up to 5MP resolutions and analog cameras with 700TVL resolutions will also be displayed. Hikvision plans on focusing their booth, however, around the new 650TVL DVR series with enhanced system stability, optimized HDD management and real-time video encoding capabilities at WD1.

Hikvision also plans on showcasing a new generation of NVR products with improved GUI and stronger networking functions, able to access up to 32 different IP cameras.

Source: Source Security – Hikvision upgrades its HD WDR portfolio

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Samsung’s New SNO-7080R Outdoor IR Bullet Camera

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Samsung SNO-7080RSamsung Techwin America has just unveiled an outdoor 3 megapixel network video surveillance camera complete with a 30 meter IR range in total darkness. The camera is labeled as the SNO-7080R and comes with a 2.8x varifocal motorized zoom lens and is capable of capturing 16:9 full 1920 x 1080p HD with wide dynamic range and features a dual H.264 and MPEG codec.

According to Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Samsung Techwin America, “Our new outdoor megapixel IR camera offers a unique combination of performance, features and cost-efficiency to deliver extremely high value. The low light IR capability of the SNO-7080R greatly extends the applications for megapixel imaging given its extended range in total darkness.”

In addition to that, this camera also uses Samsung’s WiseNet2 DSP chipset, which is designed to provide maximum benefit for megapixel technology. This includes Wide Dynamic Range and Smart Compression with region-of-interest (ROI) encoding. H.264 compression also ensures that your images are high-res and work well with your bandwidth while the H.264/MJPEG dual codec supplies multiple streaming.

The SNO-7080R also offers multiple resolution options including CIF, full 1080p HD and full 3 megapixel with the ability to transmit as many as six different profiles for viewing and recording. The camera also has an IP66 environmentally rated housing for severe weather conditions and can be powered with an Ethernet cable and 24V AC.

This camera is also ONVIF-compliant and features backlight compensation, SSNRIII (2D+3D) digital noise reduction, motion detection, privacy, SSDR for contrast enhancement and auto day/night (ICR). The 3-8.5 millimeter motorized varifocal lens also allows remotely adjustable zoom and focus settings for a fully customizable setup.

If you’re looking for a solid, outdoor IR bullet camera, Samsung’s SNO-7080R just might be the bullet camera for you. You can check it out on Samsung’s security camera webpage.

Source: Security Info Watch – Samsung’s SNO-7080R IR Bullet Camera

New IR Network Bullet Camera from Messoa

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Messoa NCR875PRO Bullet CameraMessoa Technologies Incorporated has just introduced the outdoor-ready 2 megapixel network bullet camera known as the NCR875PRO. This device is engineered to provide full 1080p HD smooth video streams at 30.25 full frames per second and is the perfect solution for outdoor applications where details are a priority.

The NCR875PRO strengthens any security system it is incorporated into by ensuring critical moments are captured and that no missing or dropped frames occur that will prevent you from collecting important evidence, should the need arise. The one thing you never want to happen is for something bad to go on and your cameras fail to capture it on video.

The Messoa NCR875PRO, with full 1080p HD 2 megapixel resolutions, captures smooth HD video no matter where it is mounted or what it is recording in a 16:9 aspect ratio. This allows a much wider coverage as well as finer details. The combination of the IR illuminator, mechanical IR-cut filter and proprietary Lumii imaging technology form a powerful trio for adapting extreme lighting changes throughout the day. Images are still able to be captured in superior quality, even in complete darkness.

This camera, which is also ONVIF-compliant, supports triple streaming, enabling the user with more flexibility in resolutions, frame rates and video quality to suit different bandwidth, platforms and back-end storage requirements. In addition to that, this camera has an IP-67 rated housing and a cable-concealed bracket to protect itself from unfavorable weather conditions and tampering. Other advanced features include things like intelligent video management, PoE, two-way audio and the micro SD/SDHC card slot that will facilitate easier installation and deployment.

The NCR875PRO from Messoa provides a comprehensive outdoor surveillance solution for detail-demanding applications that constantly require precise monitoring and detail identifications. The NCR875PRO from Messoa is available for shipment now from Messoa’s website.

Source: – MESSOA releases NCR875PRO 2MP network bullet camera with IR function

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Y-Cam Introduces New Bullet HD Camera Series

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Y-Cam Bullet HDY-Cam has just announced the launch of the company’s newest product, the Y-Cam Bullet HD. Y-Cam released its Y-Cam Bullet Network Camera almost one year ago and many people raved about the hardware and its functionality. However, despite all the praise for the hardware, there was an equal measure of disappointment in the software, which was said to be lacking grace at the time. But Y-Cam is looking to put naysayers to rest with its foray into HD.

This new revision of Y-Cam’s hardware delivers you the same great aesthetic looks of the original camera while simultaneously making the transition into the HD market with 720p video capture at 30 frames per second. This allows you to view everything you could in the past with the previous model, though in high-quality HD this time.

Obviously storage is a big concern for anybody looking into HD surveillance cameras. Because the camera records better quality images, it also requires a greater amount of storage space. Thankfully, the brains over at Y-Cam have already taken that into consideration as video is captured in H.264, reducing file sizes and network bandwidth, making storage less of a burden.

In addition to that, 12 LED lights are outfitted on the camera for infrared night vision and the Bullet HD also features Power over Ethernet allowing it to easily fit into any nook or cranny without the need of a nearby power outlet. This allows for greater flexibility in positioning your cameras, making life easier on you.

The Bullet HD also comes with WiFi connectivity supporting 802.11n high speed connection to your home or small business network. You will also find your usual mix of security camera features, like detection recording, alarms, two-way audio and recording, integrated microSD, NAS and home/small business server, etc…

Pricing may be a little steep for some, especially if you are considering getting this for your home, as the new Bullet HD camera from Y-Cam will run you $671.50 US.

Source: We Got Served – Y-Cam Targets High Definition Security Monitoring With the Bullet HD

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New Samsung SCO-2080RH Performs in Extreme Weather Conditions

Posted in Low Light with tags , , , , on November 3, 2011 by zackduncan

Samsung SCO-2080RHSamsung has just unleashed a new bullet camera that is specifically designed to withstand harsh temperatures in a variety of settings. These new bullet cameras are capable of operating in conditions with temperatures ranging from negative 60 degrees Fahrenheit to 122 degrees Fahrenheit.

The cameras, known as the SCO-2080RH, come complete with a built-in fan, heater and sun shield that ensures the IP6 rated cameras can operate in areas that suffer from extreme weather conditions. In addition to that, these cameras can also be used for some of the most demanding applications, like ports, car parks or airport security installations.

The SCO-2080RH’s built-in IR LED lights also allow the camera to deliver high quality images of objects as far as 165 feet away and the camera can also operate during the day and night time. A twin glass front also negates the problem that many bullet cameras have with their IR LEDs reflecting light back into the lens thanks to dirt or water sitting on the glass front.

Many of the added features on this camera make it ideal for airport security, including eight motion detection zones and twelve privacy masking zones. In addition to that, coaxial control compatibility also allows the fourteen language onscreen display menu to be accessed from the comfort and ease of a control room via a compatible DVR.

Very high quality images can be delivered by this camera, which dishes them out at 600 TV lines during the day and 700 TV lines monochrome during the night. Third generation Samsung Super Noise Reduction technology also allows the camera to eliminate image noise in low light conditions without creating ghosting or blurring. Other key features include Highlight Compensation technology, which helps identify and neutralize excessively bright lights.

Source: Wavestore – Samsung introduces extreme environment bullet camera with built in IR LEDs

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