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DogCam Bullet HD Good for POV Recording, Not Much Else

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DogCam Bullet HDAs far as simplicity goes, the Bullet HD is about as simple as they come. All in all, the camera comes with a lens at one end and a mini USB port, MicroSD cad slot and microphone at the other, all covered by a screw on cap. In addition to that, there is a button in the middle and that’s pretty much it.

What’s more is that the HD bullet is also pretty small. The entire camera only measures 78mm long and 22mm in diameter and only weighs 36 grams. The little guy is so light, in fact, that you can attach it to almost any surface with simple self-adhesive Velcro patches. What’s more is that there are enough pieces in the box to attach the camera to a helmet or goggles, just in case you want some first person action shots.

The one downside is that you don’t get a whole lot of settings and modes with the Bullet HD. Basically, you push the button to start and hold the button to stop while the LEDs along the side of the lens tell you what the camera is doing. The camera is pretty straightforward, though some user reviews have complained at the lack of auditory beeps when recording starts and stops and that the button is too small.

Picture quality is HD, though it isn’t full 1080p HD but 720p, and the picture quality also struggles in low light. Plus, even though the camera has been given a “wide” description, the field of view is actually pretty narrow at only 135 degrees.

This camera wouldn’t be the best for surveillance situations, unless you were doing some cool covert spy surveillance. On the flip side, the camera is good for POV recording and other quick, handheld recording situations.

Source: – DogCam Bullet HD Wide camera review

Y-Cam’s Bullet HD

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Y-Cam's Bullet HDY-Cam has just unveiled its newest product, the Bullet HD, a high-definition bullet camera that allows you to have HD video and image capabilities in outdoor surveillance situations. In addition to that, the Bullet HD is Y-Cam’s first 720p IP camera and while it is basically the same on the outside as the standard model, the Bullet HD is 200mm long and its length increases to 250mm with the added 802.11n AP wireless aerial.

The Bullet HD has received an IP66 rating which means that it is capable of withstanding dust, high winds and high water pressures, making it perfect for any outdoor surveillance job. All cables for the Bullet HD are routed through a sealed cover and a 980mm waterproof sheath, providing PoE and an I/O block for added external devices like alarms.

In addition to the HD resolution, this device comes with a bigger 1/3″ CMOS and H.264 support with all the same features as Y-Cam’s standard camera. Night vision capabilities are aided by 12 IR emitters around the lens which also help with motion detection. The Bullet HD also comes with a microSD card slot for added recording and memory.

It goes without saying that the image quality of the Bullet HD is far superior to that of the standard bullet camera though it is worth noting that the Bullet HD also has superior color balance and contrast. Unfortunately, the focus is a little off but is perfectly suitable for facial recognition as far as 16+ feet away. One more thing to note is that the Bullet HD does have problems handling bright light sources, especially sunlight.

The camera switches over to a mono mode as light decreases and then to full IR in pitch black. The camera is capable of illuminating objects as far away as 50 feet though detail beyond 16 feet tends to blur. There is also some vertical smearing as well when viewing the camera feed in real time.

As far as IP66 rated IP cameras go, the Bullet HD isn’t bad. It does come with a ton of useful features, like H.264 support, though it may leave some hardcore camera users wanting more. If you are looking for a run-of-the-mill HD bullet camera, however, the Bullet HD from Y-Cam may be just what you are looking for.

Source: PC Pro – Y-Cam Bullet HD Review

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