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CheckVideo Debuts the CheckVideo IP Camera

Posted in Wireless with tags , , on August 30, 2011 by zackduncan

CheckVideo IP CameraCheckVideo just recently announced the expansion of its product portfolio with the all new CheckVideo IP Camera. The CheckVideo IP Camera incorporates a video camera along with a DVR and high-performance video analytics all in a single device.

One interesting feature that comes with the CheckVideo IP Camera is the fact that the device works with the cloud-based CheckVideo Software Service in order to provide you with a complete, expandable video surveillance and recording system, complete with video management functionality.

CheckVideo sends users critical, real-time alerts that allow you to act quickly to any situation. It also allows you to verify and prioritize alarms, shorten law enforcement response times, stop crimes in progress and reduce fines for false alarms.

The software watches the CheckVideo IP Camera 24/7 for anything of interest and also extends the security perimeter to outdoor areas where PIR motion detection is unavailable or ineffective. Video alerts are also based on the presence of people as well as vehicles, not just motion, and can be sent to a central monitoring service, email address, smartphone or the secure CheckVideo Web portal.

According to Vice President of the Security & Alarm Division of CheckVideo Phil Robertson, “The CheckVideo IP Camera gives dealers and end users another way to cost-effectively connect to a monitored service or engage in self-monitoring without additional capital investment in software or servers. Installation is a snap. With 802.11 wireless or Ethernet connectivity and optional Power over Ethernet, it’s a perfect solution for indoor or outdoor spot coverage in places where running cables is impractical.”

Another good thing about the CheckVideo IP Camera is that it is small and unobtrusive in indoor environments as well as outdoor areas. This device doesn’t require additional hardware or software on site, nor does it require specialized IT skills for installation. Configuration and management are completed remotely via the internet as well, keeping additional service calls to a minimum.

Source: Security Info Watch – CheckVideo introduces new IP camera

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