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IQeye R5 Series Bullet Cameras From IQinVision

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IQinVision, one of the market leaders in high-performance HD megapixel IP cameras recently announced that it would be releasing its all new IQeye R5 Series of bullet cameras. The R5 Series bullet cameras are full-featured, multi-megapixel H.264 Main Profile indoor/outdoor bullet cameras. In addition to that, these cameras also have support for up to 3MP resolution, making these cameras versatile and able to provide multiple, individually-configured H.264 and MJPEG streams simultaneously.

These cameras also feature on-board storage as well as a built-in IR, making them perfect for retail, commercial, city and transportation applications. Other features that are included with the IQeye R5 Series are 30fps at HD720p and HD1080p, 20fps at 3MP and an IP66-rated outdoor housing.

There are also a host of applications that are available for the R5 Series. Some of these applications include IQfinder, IQmanager, IQevent, IQanalytics and Direct-to-Storage while the camera line is backed by the IQVision best-in-industry warranty of three years.

According to Executive Vice President and Vice President of Sales for IQinVision Rob Ledenko, “The new bullet cameras really round out our product offering nicely. They are versatile, high performance cameras, and they’re priced to be a competitive fir for a wide range of market applications.”

Bullet cameras have been the go-to system for lots of different applications. Businesses, schools, parking lots and other scenarios use bullet cameras due to their small size and ability to be installed virtually anywhere. In addition to that, most bullet cameras are weatherproof, meaning they are the perfect solution for outdoor surveillance as they can stand up in rain, snow, wind, dust or any other condition you throw at them.

Bullet cameras are also exceptionally good at night surveillance. Built-in IR LEDs are common in almost all bullet cameras, allowing you to record 24/7 day and night. In addition to that, some of these cameras have the ability to see as far as 300 feet in total darkness or farther depending on the amount of LEDs built-in.

Vandal-proof housing is also generally included in all bullet cameras as well. Not only are bullet cameras small enough to put out of reach but also, should someone try to tamper with them, the vandal-proof housing will stop them in their tracks.

With the ability to be put virtually anywhere, the small size, the day/night surveillance capabilities, the weatherproof housing and the ability to connect to apps and stream each camera individually it’s easy to see how bullet cameras, like the R5 Series, are one of the most popular products in modern surveillance.

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Honeywell Debuts Two New 600 TVL Day/Night Bullet Cameras

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Honeywell HBD95SXHoneywell has just introduced the all new HBD92SX and HBD95SX Day/Night bullet cameras. Each camera comes complete with IR illumination and is designed to provide high quality video 24/7 in both indoor and outdoor surveillance situations.

In addition to that, both of these cameras also include a high resolution 600 TVL 1/3″ Sony Super HAD CCD imager, Digital Noise Reduction (DNR), Digital Slow Shutter (DSS) and external controls for lens zoom, focus and camera set-up. The HBD92SX features a 2.8-12 mm F1.4 IR corrected vari-focal lens with 56 IR LEDs with a 30m range while the HBD95SX features a 5-50 mm FR1.4 IR corrected vari-focal lens with 42 IR LEDs with a 45m range.

Each camera also features installation adjustments that can be accomplished without opening the housings. Screw gears allow the installer to adjust the lens field of view and focus. The porthole at the bottom also provides access to the On Screen Display menu as well as the IR power adjustment.

Also included is a 600 TVL resolution for sharper image detail combined with DNR and DSS, which offer fantastic performance in low light situations. Degradation of image quality under low light conditions has also been reduced thanks to the DNR technology utilized in the cameras.

The F1.4 IR corrected aspherical vari-focal lenses offer a wide range of field of view settings while 12 privacy zones can be programmed per camera, enabling the end user to ensure any civil liberties are protected within the scene that is being monitored.

In addition to that, the IR LEDs provide illumination of up to 45m depending on the scene reflectivity. The IR LEDs, along with the IR cut filter moving out of the optical path, the F1.4 rating of the lenses and the amount of reflection of the IR light from the object of interest will impact the distance the camera can provide a usable image of an object.

Source: – New 600 TVL Day/Night Bullet Cameras with IR Illumination from Honeywell

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Two New Bullet Cameras from Supercircuits

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Supercircuit PC214ZWPH bullet cameraThe new PC214ZWPH and PC214ZWPH2 bullet cameras from Supercircuits are two new professional grade cameras that deliver 540 lines of resolution and are perfect for day/night outdoor and indoor applications.

Both of these cameras give you a very clear picture even when operating in low light conditions. This feat is achieved via the super sensitive Sony Super HAD chipset and integrated IR cut-filter which not only gives you brilliant color in the daytime but also sensitive nighttime performance.

Both cameras also come with an externally adjustable 5-50mm or 2.8-12mm auto-iris lens. This allows you to create an absolutely perfect camera angle quickly and simply. Both cameras also come in an IP67 certified weatherproof housing which makes both cameras perfect for outdoor use no matter what the conditions are.

However, if you need indoor bullet cameras, you will be pleased to know that both the PC214ZWPH and the PC214ZWPH2 are sleek enough for indoor use. Both cameras have a cable management bracket that protects them from any unwanted harassment or tampering.

Key features of the PC214ZWPH and the PC214ZWPH2 include:

  • Built-in digital day/night for improved low light sensitivity and sharper images in low light conditions
  • Externally adjustable 5-50mm (PC214ZWPH) or 2.8-12mm (PC214ZWPH2) auto-iris lens
  • IP67 certified weatherproof housing, making both of these cameras perfect for outdoor use in any weather conditions
  • Dual-Power allowing the cameras to operate on 12V DC to 24V AC

So, if you need a standard indoor/outdoor day/night bullet camera that is able to stand up in tough weather conditions, then you should consider the new PC214ZWPH or the PC214ZWPCH2 bullet cameras from Supercircuits.

Source: Security Info Watch – Supercircuits launches new bullet cameras

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Vista’s VBC600 Long-range Day/Night Bullet Camera

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Vista VBC600If there are two characteristics or specifications that you would want in a bullet camera, they should definitely be the ability of the camera to record clearly in not only daytime settings but also nighttime settings. You also want one that has the ability to record long-range. These two specifications ensure that you won’t miss a thing.

Well, bullet camera specialists Vista have just released their newest camera, the VBC600, which is capable of recording in the daytime, nighttime and at long range, all the best features rolled into one small package. The VBC600 features a 1/3″ Sony Super-HAD CCD imaging sensor and boasts an impressive high resolution picture of 600TVL. The VBC600 also comes with 0.1Lux (color)/0Lux (with IR on) low light operation.

The VBC600 has a fast and easy installation process and the 9-22mm varifocal lens can be used to give you a precise field of view. Adjusting the lens is also easy and can be done effortlessly by using adjustable external rings. The VBC600 has integrated 850nM IR LEDs that allow for perfect nighttime recording. The quality of your image can be enhanced even further with the introduction of a split-glass solution. This prevents any internal reflection from the illumination of the IR.

There are a lot of advanced functions that come along with the VBC600 including 3DNR, DRC and Sense-Up. Setup of these functions is made easy thanks to a remote setup tool with integrated joystick. This allows you to easily access the cameras on-screen display menu. According to Mark Pritchard, Divisional Director of Vista, “The VBC600 features Smart LED technology, which automatically reduces the intensity of IR illumination, eliminating ‘whiting out’ of objects passing close to the camera.”

Pritchard went on to say, “Allied to its long range capability providing covert illumination up to 40 meters, the new bullet camera is ideal for a wide range of external applications.” Vista is clearly on a roll with their bullet camera line. If you want to learn more about Vista’s products, then read this similar blog post on the Vista VBC400 Bullet Camera.

Source: ThomasNet News

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