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Bullet Cameras – For Discreet Outdoor Surveillance.

Posted in Covert with tags , , , , , on October 1, 2008 by xponex

Bullet Cameras for Covert Outdoor UseOften time’s a surveillance system for a home or a business requires a security camera that can be concealed outside.  Outside cameras of the highest quality are typically found in professional grade standard body models as these units have plenty of room for all the latest CCTV electronics that allow for low light viewing, wide dynamic range, digital noise reduction, etc. However standard body cameras require a large housing to survive outdoors.  Many times the overt nature of this solution can itself be a deterrent to trouble. However there are times when ascetics, or the need for a more covert camera, make the standard body camera impractical.

In this scenario a bullet camera can provide a reasonable solution as they can both survive the weather without any additional housing and they are small enough to be easily concealed. Or to put that another way, a bullet camera can be a great fit for the exterior of a property where you need surveillance but don’t want the place to look like Fort Knox.

For example a bullet camera can make concealing a camera at the end of a driveway all the easier. It would go relatively unnoticed in dozens of spots such as on a fence post, under a freestanding lantern, or even hid in a tree or other landscaping feature. Likewise a bullet camera is a good choice for a front porch, a back door, or even a garage door. As a small black bullet camera mounted on the side of a brick house close to the eves would most likely not be noticed until the subject had already been observed by the camera.

So the next time you are faced with that dilemma of needing an outdoor CCTV security camera while wanting to preserve the overall look of the property then consider a CCTV bullet camera.