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What Do You Really Know About Bullet Cameras?

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Bullet CamerasYour average everyday surveillance kits have bullet cameras as a part of the package. What may surprise you is that the shape of the camera has absolutely nothing to do with an actual bullet from a gun, only that it is cylindrical in shape.

Bullet cameras are pretty small in size and are not terribly expensive which is why they are one of the most popular security cameras for consumers. They can also be mounted indoors and outdoors making them extremely versatile.

Bullet cameras are also the most popular cameras used for recording footage and sending it to viewing or recording equipment. While bullet cameras are small, they do get larger as you need ones for recording longer ranges.

Bullet cameras are also very useful when it comes to installation. They are usually mounted in hard to reach locations like on high walls or ceilings, and most of the wires are located inside the casing, making it extremely resistant to tampering.

However, if that is not secure enough for you, then there are a lot of wireless bullet camera solutions that you could look into acquiring. These cameras, as well as others, are usually supplied with mounting brackets and even sun shields.

If you didn’t know, bullet cameras are also┬árenowned for their excellent image quality and video capturing abilities. You can get them in black and white or color or even infrared for areas of poor or no light and night time surveillance.

If you are looking for a versatile and flexible camera as well as one that has features like water resistance and outdoor capabilities, then you should definitely consider a bullet camera.

Source: Security World News

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