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Security Camera Warehouse Adds GeoVision IP Cameras

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Security Camera Warehouse logoOnline surveillance camera retailer Security Camera Warehouse has announced that it is expanding its line of IP cameras to include GeoVision cameras. The company recently reported that it doubled its revenue last year and is on track to do so again this year. The revenue increase is said to be due, in part, to the company’s relationship that it builds with its installer network.

According to CEO of Security Camera Warehouse Justin Bowman, “We are seeing a surge of business from systems integrators, for corporate, government and educational clients. IP Cameras, especially GeoVision IP Cameras, are the video surveillance systems of choice for our larger clients. Despite the stock market volatility, US austerity measures, and economic uncertainty, our business lines continue to grow.”

Like I said earlier, Security Camera Warehouse is an online retailer that deals in CCTV systems, security cameras and video surveillance equipment and bases its business model around low-cost, high-quality video surveillance products and customer service.

This new offering of GeoVision IP cameras will also allow the company to expand its access control division with GeoVision keycard readers, fingerprint readers and other access control system solutions. What’s more is that GeoVision is an award-winning high megapixel IP surveillance camera company, which will give Security Camera Warehouse a little prestige for their lineup.

According to President of Security Camera Warehouse Matthew Nederlanden, “Expanding our offering to include Geovision products allows us to take on more exciting projects as it becomes much easier to integrate the surveillance cameras and the access control into one seamless security measure. This integration is especially important to highly regulated or highly secure environments. We are excited about including Geovision products into our lineup and represented by our industry leading customer service and knowledgeable staff.”

Source: PRWeb – Security Camera Warehouse Expands IP Camera Line with Geovision Cameras

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GeoVision Compatible IP Bullet Cameras

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GeoVission Compatible Bullet CamerasA lot of time has passed since last I wrote about IP based bullet cameras. Though many of the old points about IP cameras remain unchanged their advance into everyday surveillance applications is growing by leaps and bounds.

One relatively new feature being offered by IP Bullet Cameras is, for select models, their compatibility and integration into the GeoVsion Surveillance Software. The camera in the picture above is one such GeoVision compatible IP bullet camera manufactured by the ACTi Corporation. This IP based Bullet Camera is typical of the IP products now being integrated into the same great GeoVison security camera software that has been protecting business worldwide for years. Follow this link to learn more about the new GeoVison V8.3 features and IP support.

Keep in mind that you must be sure to purchase the correct version of the GeoVision NVR software to support third party IP cameras and even then your camera must be on the GeoVison supported IP camera list. But given those requirements are covered the benefits of being able to add high resolution capable IP cameras to your GeoVison system can be enormous.

IP based bullet cameras fit nicely into your overall surveillance picture in much the same way they do in the analog world. Being a bullet camera they are weatherproof, easy to install, often on the more affordable end of the IP camera product line, and still provide a great picture.

For more information on the ACTi IP bullet camera pictured above, or information on how to integrate IP cameras into your GeoVison surveillance system call at 877-422-1907. Or click the following link to request IP bullet camera information via e-mail.