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Y-Cam Introduces New Bullet HD Camera Series

Posted in Bullet Camera Review with tags , , , , on December 4, 2011 by zackduncan

Y-Cam Bullet HDY-Cam has just announced the launch of the company’s newest product, the Y-Cam Bullet HD. Y-Cam released its Y-Cam Bullet Network Camera almost one year ago and many people raved about the hardware and its functionality. However, despite all the praise for the hardware, there was an equal measure of disappointment in the software, which was said to be lacking grace at the time. But Y-Cam is looking to put naysayers to rest with its foray into HD.

This new revision of Y-Cam’s hardware delivers you the same great aesthetic looks of the original camera while simultaneously making the transition into the HD market with 720p video capture at 30 frames per second. This allows you to view everything you could in the past with the previous model, though in high-quality HD this time.

Obviously storage is a big concern for anybody looking into HD surveillance cameras. Because the camera records better quality images, it also requires a greater amount of storage space. Thankfully, the brains over at Y-Cam have already taken that into consideration as video is captured in H.264, reducing file sizes and network bandwidth, making storage less of a burden.

In addition to that, 12 LED lights are outfitted on the camera for infrared night vision and the Bullet HD also features Power over Ethernet allowing it to easily fit into any nook or cranny without the need of a nearby power outlet. This allows for greater flexibility in positioning your cameras, making life easier on you.

The Bullet HD also comes with WiFi connectivity supporting 802.11n high speed connection to your home or small business network. You will also find your usual mix of security camera features, like detection recording, alarms, two-way audio and recording, integrated microSD, NAS and home/small business server, etc…

Pricing may be a little steep for some, especially if you are considering getting this for your home, as the new Bullet HD camera from Y-Cam will run you $671.50 US.

Source: We Got Served – Y-Cam Targets High Definition Security Monitoring With the Bullet HD

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MESSOA’s SCR368 Infrared Bullet Camera

Posted in Bullet Camera Review with tags , , , on March 24, 2011 by zackduncan

MESSOA logoMESSOA has just launched their newest, superior infrared CCTV camera known as the SCR368. The SCR368 has a 164-foot view range which can capture sharp images even in the dead of night. The SCR368 is enhanced with Lumii III, the latest in image enhancing technology, and is able to make images look sharper and more clear than your traditional cameras.

The SCR368 is a high quality CCTV bullet camera that is equipped with with a 1/3″ Sony Exview HAD CCD II which is able to reproduce 700 TV lines of image clarity. The Lumii III technology allows you to display first rate 12-bit images as well, which enables the camera to deliver representation of the detected images that is sharper and clearer than your conventional camera.

The SCR368 also comes with a 6mm~50mm vari-focal lens which allows more flexibility for your camera placement and also gives you a wide coverage area. This camera uses a maximum of 7 watts of power which makes it fairly energy efficient and a single light control reduces power usage by 30% to 40%. In addition to that, IR LEDs do not always need to be on during nighttime surveillance which extends the life of your LEDs.

The SCR368 also comes with a superior IR LED design which is designated to reduce IR disturbance. IR reflection is prevented which allows you to have a wider variety of installation locations. The SCR368 is also equipped with an IR corrected lens in order to remove focus shift problems when switching from day to night recording modes.

This camera also comes with an IP-66 rated housing  allowing it to be extremely resistant to weather elements that may damage other cameras. It is also protected against vandalism and tampering. If you are in the market for a durable, high-quality CCTV bullet camera, look into the SCR368 from MESSOA. It has a lot of great features that will work well in any situation.

Source: Source Security – MESSOA presents its 50 metre (164ft) Infrared camera with vari-focal lens – the SCR368

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