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Y-Cam’s Bullet HD

Posted in Bullet Camera Review, Low Light with tags , , , , , on December 23, 2011 by zackduncan

Y-Cam's Bullet HDY-Cam has just unveiled its newest product, the Bullet HD, a high-definition bullet camera that allows you to have HD video and image capabilities in outdoor surveillance situations. In addition to that, the Bullet HD is Y-Cam’s first 720p IP camera and while it is basically the same on the outside as the standard model, the Bullet HD is 200mm long and its length increases to 250mm with the added 802.11n AP wireless aerial.

The Bullet HD has received an IP66 rating which means that it is capable of withstanding dust, high winds and high water pressures, making it perfect for any outdoor surveillance job. All cables for the Bullet HD are routed through a sealed cover and a 980mm waterproof sheath, providing PoE and an I/O block for added external devices like alarms.

In addition to the HD resolution, this device comes with a bigger 1/3″ CMOS and H.264 support with all the same features as Y-Cam’s standard camera. Night vision capabilities are aided by 12 IR emitters around the lens which also help with motion detection. The Bullet HD also comes with a microSD card slot for added recording and memory.

It goes without saying that the image quality of the Bullet HD is far superior to that of the standard bullet camera though it is worth noting that the Bullet HD also has superior color balance and contrast. Unfortunately, the focus is a little off but is perfectly suitable for facial recognition as far as 16+ feet away. One more thing to note is that the Bullet HD does have problems handling bright light sources, especially sunlight.

The camera switches over to a mono mode as light decreases and then to full IR in pitch black. The camera is capable of illuminating objects as far away as 50 feet though detail beyond 16 feet tends to blur. There is also some vertical smearing as well when viewing the camera feed in real time.

As far as IP66 rated IP cameras go, the Bullet HD isn’t bad. It does come with a ton of useful features, like H.264 support, though it may leave some hardcore camera users wanting more. If you are looking for a run-of-the-mill HD bullet camera, however, the Bullet HD from Y-Cam may be just what you are looking for.

Source: PC Pro – Y-Cam Bullet HD Review

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Arecont Vision and DNF Security Partner Up

Posted in Low Cost, Low Light with tags , , on October 13, 2011 by zackduncan

Arecont Vision logoDNF Security, a major provider of dependable, mission-critical IP video surveillance solutions, just recently announced a partnership with Arecont Vision, an industry leader in IP-based megapixel camera technology. DNF Security has provided a high-performance, scalable video storage appliance for the Arecont Vision MegaLab that is to be used for integration, certification and testing of Arecont’s products as well as the company’s customer applications.

DNF Security’s video storage unit will be integrated at MegaLab with a plethora of leading video management systems (VMS) as well as Arecont Vision’s complete line of IP network megapixel cameras. This line includes the 1.3 MP, 2 MP,  1080p, 3 MP, 5 MP, 8 MP, 10 MP and 20 MP resolution cameras.

According to COO of DNF Security Fairborz Agahdel, “Working with Arecont Vision and their MegaLab is a great opportunity for DNF Security to showcase its sytems’ performance capabilities. Arecont Vision’s MegaLab is an amazing resource that allows the end user and integrators to witness and evaluate first-hand a complete surveillance solution – and we are excited to be a contributor to its success.”

Director of Partner Relations with Arecont Vision Jason Schimpt was also enthusiastic about the partnership stating, “By partnering with Arecont Vision, DNF Security can have their customers visit our MegaLab to see a fully functional, fully integrated system before purchasing. Customers can witness live integration of any Arecont Vision camera, or combination of cameras, with the DNF Security system and their choice of VMS.”

The MegaLab allows Arecont Vision’s technology partners to test their equipment with Arecont Vision cameras. In DNF Security’s case, the facility allows the company to extensively test its products in order to reach the limitations of their own system with Arecont Vision cameras. DNF Security can then verify compatibility with multiple VMC, in multiple configurations and compare performance against the competition.

Source: – DNF Security partners with IP camera technology leader Arecont Vision

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Bosch’s New IP 200 Series Cameras

Posted in Low Cost with tags , , , , , on September 30, 2011 by zackduncan

Bosch IP 200 SeriesBosch has just released its newest Advantage line of analog and IP CCTV cameras, designed to boost the company’s already high quality systems to small businesses. This new, affordable range of CCTV systems comes fully equipped with features that are perfectly suited to smaller installations but that also deliver the same high quality and high reliability that high-end Bosch systems are already known for.

This new series, known as the IP 200 Series, includes a plethora of CCTV systems that are suitable for a wide range of applications. A new 4-camera setup, for example, could be made up of a fixed-body, dome and IR indoor camera combined with an outdoor IR bullet camera.

In addition to that, advanced features include progressive scan to ensure sharp images of moving objects and all cameras are very easy to set up. Power over Ethernet (PoE) also enables single cable functionality for both the camera’s power and video saving you some time and money with installation.

Almost all of the IP 200 Series cameras come with a local SD card slot for video storage, except for the IP 200 series bullet camera. The bullet camera is designed for rough, outdoor use and is also water-resistant. These cameras also come with integrated active infrared technology which ensures 24/7 video surveillance in both daylight and complete darkness.

Just like Bosch’s other Advantage line products, the IP 200 Series is perfect for situations where a professional security camera that has great features and an affordable price is essential, like an office, small business, retail store, gas station, parking lot, daycare or even your very own home.

Source: Wavestore – Bosch releases their new Advantage line of CCTV products

Interlogix Debuts New TruVision IP Camera Line

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InterlogixInterlogix has just expanded its video surveillance line to include IP and Megapixel cameras, both of which are PSIA and ONVIF compatible. This comes as part of a continuing effort by Interlogix to provide a more robust IP solution to its customers. Interlogix offers these latest additions that help make a full line of network recorders, analog and network cameras as well as transmission equipment.

These new cameras are TruVision IP open-standards cameras that offer a plethora of resolutions, including VGA, 2.0, 3.0 and 5.0 Megapixel models, all of which are capable of transmitting 1080p HD resolution in real-time. In addition to that, this complete line of cameras is now available in three consistent form factors that come with both indoor and outdoor vandal-proof housings.

According to Sales Leader of Video and Transmission at Interlogix Kostas Mellos, “Interlogix is focused on growing our IP expertise and these open-standards cameras can now offer customers a variety of options for their network installations. With this increased investment in video products, we are providing more IP-centric solutions that meet industry standards and can be integrated with third-party offerings.”

Fifteen of the seventeen new cameras support a local SD card in order to provide up to 32GB of onboard storage. This is not only extremely useful but also nearly double the amount of storage found on most cameras these days. The extra storage also provides a level of network redundancy in case of a connection failure.

You can install these cameras for standalone, small or even temporary installations where a network connection to an NVR or VMS isn’t really an option due to the fact that the new cameras allow the video to be stored locally on the camera itself. In addition to that, these new cameras also support Power over Ethernet (PoE).

Source: – TruVision Debuts Expanded IP Camera Line with Open Standards

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TredNet Unveils New TV-IP322P Night Vision Camera

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Trednet TV-IP322P Night Vision CameraTrendnet, a prominent figure in the home networking and security market, has just unveiled a new security camera that is specifically designed to be mounted outdoors in order to keep tabs on everything that is going on outside your home, office or small business.

Known as the SecureView Outdoor PoE Megapixel day/night camera, this device has some impressive features as well as very good night vision range and functionality. The TV-IP322P is able to record clear images in complete darkness as far as 66 feet away and is also rated IP55 weatherproof and comes in vandal-resistant casing.

The TV-IP322P also ships with a bracket for mounting the device on a ceiling if necessary. In addition to that, it also has a sun visor to reduce lens glare on bright, sunny days. The camera doesn’t need a power outlet to function either. All power for this camera, as well as all connectivity, comes via Ethernet thanks to Power over Ethernet integrated technology.

This device also records with a 1,280 x 1,024 HD resolution and uses H.264 image compression for good picture quality. The Trednet software used with this camera also allows you to monitor up to 32 different cameras simultaneously.

The TV-IP322P also comes with a variety of inputs and outputs for things like alarm systems or motion activation. In addition to that, you can also overlay date and time details or mask overlays to hide sensitive areas. The feed from the camera can also be viewed using smartphone or tablet PC apps so you can always have your video feed whenever you need it.

The TV-IP322OP SecureView Outdoor PoE Megapixel day/night camera from TrendView is available now for a retail price of $599.99.

Source: Slash Gear – Trednet unveils new megapixel outdoor night vision security camera

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CheckVideo Debuts the CheckVideo IP Camera

Posted in Wireless with tags , , on August 30, 2011 by zackduncan

CheckVideo IP CameraCheckVideo just recently announced the expansion of its product portfolio with the all new CheckVideo IP Camera. The CheckVideo IP Camera incorporates a video camera along with a DVR and high-performance video analytics all in a single device.

One interesting feature that comes with the CheckVideo IP Camera is the fact that the device works with the cloud-based CheckVideo Software Service in order to provide you with a complete, expandable video surveillance and recording system, complete with video management functionality.

CheckVideo sends users critical, real-time alerts that allow you to act quickly to any situation. It also allows you to verify and prioritize alarms, shorten law enforcement response times, stop crimes in progress and reduce fines for false alarms.

The software watches the CheckVideo IP Camera 24/7 for anything of interest and also extends the security perimeter to outdoor areas where PIR motion detection is unavailable or ineffective. Video alerts are also based on the presence of people as well as vehicles, not just motion, and can be sent to a central monitoring service, email address, smartphone or the secure CheckVideo Web portal.

According to Vice President of the Security & Alarm Division of CheckVideo Phil Robertson, “The CheckVideo IP Camera gives dealers and end users another way to cost-effectively connect to a monitored service or engage in self-monitoring without additional capital investment in software or servers. Installation is a snap. With 802.11 wireless or Ethernet connectivity and optional Power over Ethernet, it’s a perfect solution for indoor or outdoor spot coverage in places where running cables is impractical.”

Another good thing about the CheckVideo IP Camera is that it is small and unobtrusive in indoor environments as well as outdoor areas. This device doesn’t require additional hardware or software on site, nor does it require specialized IT skills for installation. Configuration and management are completed remotely via the internet as well, keeping additional service calls to a minimum.

Source: Security Info Watch – CheckVideo introduces new IP camera

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Canon’s New VB-M700F Low Light IP Camera

Posted in Low Light with tags , , , , , , on July 30, 2011 by zackduncan

VB-M700F Low Light Bullet CameraCanon has just unveiled a new IP security camera that has the ability to record in low light situations while capturing images at resolutions of up to 1,280 x 960.

This new camera, known as the VB-M700F, uses a Digic Net image processor, a wide-angle lens, a 1.3 megapixel sensor and  progressive scanning in order to record color video in areas with light levels as low as 0.018 lux or black and white videos in areas with light levels as low as 0.001 lux.

In addition to that, the VB-M700F also comes with a night mode feature that adjusts digital gain and removes the camera’s IR filter. This feature can further be used to enhance the quality of video recorded in areas with low levels of ambient light.

This camera also comes equipped with a privacy mask function that blocks the view of sensitive locations as well as a video analytics feature that allows users to observe subtle movements and evidence of video tampering by detecting abandoned, moving or removed objects.

Additional features include support for PoE, integration with third-party security systems, a motorized 3x optical zoom, automatic contrast adjustment, two-way radio and an SD memory card slot. Available resolutions include 1,280 x 960, 640 x 480 (VGA), 320 x 240 (QVGA) and 160 x 120 (QQVGA).

The camera also conforms to ONVIF version 1.2 standards in order to integrate with third-party systems and also allows control or access to network settings, preset home settings, system parameters and rebooting. Supported formats and control standards include WS-Discovery, WS-Security Multicast, G.711 audio, JPEG video and H.264 video.

The Canon VB-M700F is set to be available in August for $979.

Source: Campus Technology – Canon Intros IP Security Camera for Low-Light Environments

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New 3G IP Cameras from Compro

Posted in Bullet Camera Review with tags , , , , , , , , , on April 14, 2011 by zackduncan

Compro logoCompro Technology is expected to present 3G wireless IP video surveillance solutions and also a brand new line of network video recorders that are designed for home and small business users at this year’s upcoming Secutech 2011.

There are a ton of advantages to having video surveillance technology that utilizes 3G technology. With 3G wireless connectivity, cameras from Compro allow for a lower cabling cost as well as a simpler installation. 3G cameras also do not require building or maintaining a network infrastructure or a WiFi hotspot. In addition to that, unlike installing cameras with WiFi or wired internet connections, the installation area of a 3G camera is not dependent on the availability of WiFi or Ethernet ports.

Compro believes that 3G cameras offer true flexibility in terms of installation location and mobility and that this brings new dimensions to the market of surveillance cameras. That is why Compro will be introducing 3G indoor box cameras as well as 3G outdoor bullet cameras. The indoor box cameras will feature VGA resolution, H.264, D/N etc… whereas the new 3G capabilities will help eliminate cables and simplify camera relocation.

The outdoor bullet cameras with their 3G capabilities can be easily installed in locations where network cabling is difficult, expensive or invasive or in areas where WiFi signals are non-existent like beaches, temporary venues or old buildings. 3G capability will make this camera even better along with its VGA, H.264, D/N capabilities.

Wireless cameras are popular in the security camera market these days, and 3G looks to take all the convenience of a wireless camera and increase it tenfold. The ability to not have to worry about wireless routers or running expensive cabling is a reward all in itself.

Source: Hexus – Compro to Feature 3G-enabled IP Cameras and Complete NVR Solutions at Secutech Taipei 2011

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Wireless Infrared IP Cameras

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Wireless IP CamerasWireless Infrared IP Cameras have several advantages over their standard, wired counterparts.  One of the biggest advantages a wireless Camera has is that it communicates wirelessly with any standard 802.11/g wireless device, giving this camera the ability to be placed anywhere without the restrictions of wires to hold it back. The camera also offers a high level of security by encrypting its wireless signal and using password protection systems to protect your camera from intruders.

Being an IP camera means that you can remotely connect to the camera from a PC and view the camera in real-time. The infrared capabilities of this camera also make this camera an excellent choice to provide monitoring 24 hours a day. These security cameras can also come in outdoor versions that can function perfectly in extreme weather and are resistant to water.