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CheckVideo’s New CV135 IR Bullet Camera

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CheckVideo CV135

CheckVideo recently released its CheckVideo High Definition Outdoor Bullet Camera known as the CV135. The CV135 is the first megapixel security camera from the company that packages video analytics technology, DVR, and video surveillance as a service (VSaaS) into a single, complete cloud-based intelligent video surveillance solution.

The CV135 provides full 24/7 video surveillance and sends critical, real-time alerts that users can act on to notify authorities, shorten response time and even stop crimes in progress. Due to the fact that this camera is capable of detecting the presence of people and vehicles, in addition to motion, it dramatically reduces nuisance alarms.

Video alerts can also be sent through the cloud to a central monitoring service, email address, smartphone or secure CheckVideo Web Portal. In addition to that, the CV135 also continuously records video 24/7 while live, recorded or event video can be viewed remotely anytime and anywhere from the CheckVideo Web Portal.

According to CEO of CheckVideo John Estrada, “CV135 brings together CheckVideo’s proven, auto-adapting advanced video analytics that enable a proactive approach to video security and megapixel technology. The powerful combination of technologies within and supporting the camera allows us to further extend our security solutions to provide even stronger support in securing difficult applications like parking lots, utilities and other outdoor locations.”

The CV135 is a 2 megapixel IP 66-rated weatherproof IR bullet camera that comes with an all-in-one power cable that includes the option for Power over Ethernet (PoE). The camera also comes with the CheckVideo Software Service to provide Video Surveillance as a Service (VSaaS) and, once installed, the camera can be configured and managed remotely using the secure CheckVideo Web Portal, which also helps reduce maintenance costs.

Source: Security Info Watch – CheckVideo’s CV135 High Definition Outdoor Bullet Camera

Y-Cam’s Bullet HD

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Y-Cam's Bullet HDY-Cam has just unveiled its newest product, the Bullet HD, a high-definition bullet camera that allows you to have HD video and image capabilities in outdoor surveillance situations. In addition to that, the Bullet HD is Y-Cam’s first 720p IP camera and while it is basically the same on the outside as the standard model, the Bullet HD is 200mm long and its length increases to 250mm with the added 802.11n AP wireless aerial.

The Bullet HD has received an IP66 rating which means that it is capable of withstanding dust, high winds and high water pressures, making it perfect for any outdoor surveillance job. All cables for the Bullet HD are routed through a sealed cover and a 980mm waterproof sheath, providing PoE and an I/O block for added external devices like alarms.

In addition to the HD resolution, this device comes with a bigger 1/3″ CMOS and H.264 support with all the same features as Y-Cam’s standard camera. Night vision capabilities are aided by 12 IR emitters around the lens which also help with motion detection. The Bullet HD also comes with a microSD card slot for added recording and memory.

It goes without saying that the image quality of the Bullet HD is far superior to that of the standard bullet camera though it is worth noting that the Bullet HD also has superior color balance and contrast. Unfortunately, the focus is a little off but is perfectly suitable for facial recognition as far as 16+ feet away. One more thing to note is that the Bullet HD does have problems handling bright light sources, especially sunlight.

The camera switches over to a mono mode as light decreases and then to full IR in pitch black. The camera is capable of illuminating objects as far away as 50 feet though detail beyond 16 feet tends to blur. There is also some vertical smearing as well when viewing the camera feed in real time.

As far as IP66 rated IP cameras go, the Bullet HD isn’t bad. It does come with a ton of useful features, like H.264 support, though it may leave some hardcore camera users wanting more. If you are looking for a run-of-the-mill HD bullet camera, however, the Bullet HD from Y-Cam may be just what you are looking for.

Source: PC Pro – Y-Cam Bullet HD Review

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