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Samsung’s New SNO-7080R Outdoor IR Bullet Camera

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Samsung SNO-7080RSamsung Techwin America has just unveiled an outdoor 3 megapixel network video surveillance camera complete with a 30 meter IR range in total darkness. The camera is labeled as the SNO-7080R and comes with a 2.8x varifocal motorized zoom lens and is capable of capturing 16:9 full 1920 x 1080p HD with wide dynamic range and features a dual H.264 and MPEG codec.

According to Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Samsung Techwin America, “Our new outdoor megapixel IR camera offers a unique combination of performance, features and cost-efficiency to deliver extremely high value. The low light IR capability of the SNO-7080R greatly extends the applications for megapixel imaging given its extended range in total darkness.”

In addition to that, this camera also uses Samsung’s WiseNet2 DSP chipset, which is designed to provide maximum benefit for megapixel technology. This includes Wide Dynamic Range and Smart Compression with region-of-interest (ROI) encoding. H.264 compression also ensures that your images are high-res and work well with your bandwidth while the H.264/MJPEG dual codec supplies multiple streaming.

The SNO-7080R also offers multiple resolution options including CIF, full 1080p HD and full 3 megapixel with the ability to transmit as many as six different profiles for viewing and recording. The camera also has an IP66 environmentally rated housing for severe weather conditions and can be powered with an Ethernet cable and 24V AC.

This camera is also ONVIF-compliant and features backlight compensation, SSNRIII (2D+3D) digital noise reduction, motion detection, privacy, SSDR for contrast enhancement and auto day/night (ICR). The 3-8.5 millimeter motorized varifocal lens also allows remotely adjustable zoom and focus settings for a fully customizable setup.

If you’re looking for a solid, outdoor IR bullet camera, Samsung’s SNO-7080R just might be the bullet camera for you. You can check it out on Samsung’s security camera webpage.

Source: Security Info Watch – Samsung’s SNO-7080R IR Bullet Camera

New Samsung SCO-2080RH Performs in Extreme Weather Conditions

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Samsung SCO-2080RHSamsung has just unleashed a new bullet camera that is specifically designed to withstand harsh temperatures in a variety of settings. These new bullet cameras are capable of operating in conditions with temperatures ranging from negative 60 degrees Fahrenheit to 122 degrees Fahrenheit.

The cameras, known as the SCO-2080RH, come complete with a built-in fan, heater and sun shield that ensures the IP6 rated cameras can operate in areas that suffer from extreme weather conditions. In addition to that, these cameras can also be used for some of the most demanding applications, like ports, car parks or airport security installations.

The SCO-2080RH’s built-in IR LED lights also allow the camera to deliver high quality images of objects as far as 165 feet away and the camera can also operate during the day and night time. A twin glass front also negates the problem that many bullet cameras have with their IR LEDs reflecting light back into the lens thanks to dirt or water sitting on the glass front.

Many of the added features on this camera make it ideal for airport security, including eight motion detection zones and twelve privacy masking zones. In addition to that, coaxial control compatibility also allows the fourteen language onscreen display menu to be accessed from the comfort and ease of a control room via a compatible DVR.

Very high quality images can be delivered by this camera, which dishes them out at 600 TV lines during the day and 700 TV lines monochrome during the night. Third generation Samsung Super Noise Reduction technology also allows the camera to eliminate image noise in low light conditions without creating ghosting or blurring. Other key features include Highlight Compensation technology, which helps identify and neutralize excessively bright lights.

Source: Wavestore – Samsung introduces extreme environment bullet camera with built in IR LEDs

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Samsung’s New 1080p HD Analog Camera System

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Samsung SCB-6000 box camera
Samsung has just unveiled its newly developed full 1080p HD analog video surveillance product series. This all new lineup of cameras is made up of an HD-SDI 1920 x 1080p box camera, an HD-SDI 1920 x 1080p dome camera and a four-channel HD-SDI DVR.

The HD-SDI is a broadcast industry standard and is used to transmit HD images in a digital format over an analog infrastructure. In addition to that, the HD-SDI technology also enables transmission of uncompressed and non-packetised digital video signals with zero loss of image data and zero latency during viewing.

According to Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing, North America Samsung Techwin America Frank De Fina, “Our new HD Series video surveillance solutions are another example of Samsung’s ability to provide high performance products with extreme value on any platform. Samsung’s new HD Series allows users with a legacy analog infrastructure to build their investment while dramatically improving system performance.”

The SCB-6000 box camera, as well as the SCD-6080 dome camera, both feature full 1080p HD resolutions and are easily integrated into existing standard definition video surveillance systems. True day/night functionality, as well as SSNRIII technology, also add to the applications of the cameras in terms of flexibility and performance features.

The full HD cameras also offer RS-485 and 24V AC or 12V DC capabilities as well. In addition, the SCD-6080 dome camera also features a 3-8.5mm lens with the SCB-6000 box camera accepting a manual or DC Auto Iris lens with C or CS mounts.

The 4-channel SRD-480D DVR delivers real time recording in 720p HD for each channel and supports recording in full 1080p HD. Aside from H.264 compression technology, this DVR also features a de-interlace function to help delineate the edges of moving objects. In addition to that, audio can also be recorded on all four channels and the SATA HDDs allow DVD-RWs and USB devices to be used for archiving purposes.

Source: – Samsung unveils Full HD 1080p analog video surveillance solution

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Samsung’s SNO-5080R Network Bullet Camera

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Samsung SNO-5080RSamsung has just released a new bullet camera to the market. The SNO-5080R is a 1.3 megapixel, weatherproof network bullet camera with a built-in varifocal lens and IR LEDs. This nifty little guy is capable of producing HD 720p images in both day and night settings making it perfect for internal and external use.

The SNO-5080R is very easy to install and this can almost be done right out of the box due to the fact that it incorporates all the needed components of an external IP66 rated weatherproof camera including the varifocal lens, sun shield and bracket. The built-in IR LEDs allow the SNO-5080R to capture high definition 720p images during both daylight hours and pitch-black darkness allowing you to place it outside an important building or inside a warehouse for full 24-7 recording.

This camera also features Samsung Techwin’s WiseNet1 DSP chipset in order to deliver a lot of advanced functions such as license-free Intelligent Video Analytics (IVA). This includes an optical tripwire as well as an enter/exit direction detection. Also included is an Appear/Disappear function that detects the movement or theft of objects. IVA also includes a scene tampering function which creates an alert for certain things like the lens being obstructed or unauthorized movement of the camera away from its usual field of view.

The H.264, MPEG4, MJPEG and JPEG compression methods which are incorporated into the camera give you the ability to transmit images to multiple locations simultaneously at differing frame rates and differing resolutions. This allows different, authorized users to simultaneously monitor live images at a single location while recording video surveillance at another location at the same time. All this is also achieved while POE, or Power Over Ethernet, reduces installation costs by providing both power and video/audio through a single connection.

Also featured with the SNO-5080R is Samsung Super Dynamic Range (SSDR) technology. This automatically lightens up dark areas within an image while maintaining the brighter areas at the same level in order to allow operators to view objects that would normally be hidden by shadows. The SNO-5080R also features Samsung Super Noise Reduction (SSNR) in order to eliminate image noise in low light conditions allowing you to save bandwidth and recording space.

According to Senior Product Manager Europe, Samsung Techwin Europe Limited Peter Ainsworth, “The SNO-5080R can be described as a network camera truly suitable for virtually any external application requiring megapixel or high definition image capture. It can be quickly and easily installed, as well as added onto the network without any fuss. What’s more, as well as being extremely price competitive compared to any other comparable camera currently available, the SNO-5080R offers a huge bonus to installers looking to compete for projects involving large numbers of cameras, as they can make substantial saving s by eliminating pre-build and installation costs.”

The Samsung SNO-5080R is now available and comes with full support services from Samsung Techwin Europe Ltd. which includes a free system design, free technical support and a full three-year warranty.

Source: Security Park – Samsung’s SNO-5080R network camera is suitable for any external application requiring megapixel or high definition image capture

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Samsung’s SCO-2080 Varifocal Bullet Camera

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Samsung SC)-2080The SCO-2080 is a pre-built bullet camera supplied in a compact IP66 rated housing with a varifocal lens and is said to greatly reduce installation costs as well as the extra time that it would take to fit external housings. The SCO-2080 is a true day/night bullet camera that comes with a removable infrared cut filter and also has a long list of built-in features including eight motion detection zones as well as twelve privacy masking zones. Coaxial control capabilities allow the fourteen language on-screen display menu to be accessed via the comfort of the control room through a compatible DVR.

The SCO-2080 also includes Samsung’s W-V DSP chipset which ensures that this bullet camera delivers high quality color images at 600 TV lines during the day and 700 TV lines monochrome during the night. Third generation Samsung Super Noise Reduction technology, or SSNRIII, equips this bullet camera with the ability to eliminate image noise in low-light conditions without creating ghosting or blurring. The additional benefit of up to 70% reduction in bandwidth requirements or video storage space compared to that of standard cameras is an added bonus.

There are a lot of other key features involved with the SCO-2080. Other features include Highlight Compensation technology, which identifies and neutralizes excessively bright areas in an image. This allows the operator to view previously hidden details. This bullet camera also benefits from Samsung’s Super Dynamic Range (SSDR) which automatically lightens the dark areas within an image while at the same time maintaining the brighter areas at the same level. This makes sure that the dark areas in the image become more visible, allowing the operator to see objects in the shadows.

Source: 1st Security News – Introducing the time saving SCO-2080 varifocal lens Bullet camera from Samsung

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