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OB-100A Outdoor Bullet Camera

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Bullet cameras are one of the most popular forms of security cameras on the market right now. Their small size and affordable pricing make them eye candy to anybody looking for a cheap, reliable security camera system. Bullet cameras are also popular due to their versatility. You can use a bullet camera in just about any situation including traffic surveillance, IP surveillance, home surveillance or even business surveillance. The interchangeable feature of the bullet camera is what makes it so unique and so valued.

If you are trying to run a traffic surveillance system, an IP-based setup can provide you with traffic and accident coverage in real time. However, the installation behind such a system is arduous. Installing the Ethernet cabling which is needed for transmitting your images is difficult and expensive, and that is only part of the job. But for every problem we may find, there is always somebody with a solution. In this case, our solution comes from the company Brickcom and their OB-100A bullet camera series.

The OB-100A Bullet network camera series from Brickcom provides users with customizable IEEE 802.11 a/b/g/n wireless as well as 3G HSUPA module wireless options. This basically allows the user’s cameras to transmit images and data via a WiFi or 3G network. What is great about the OB-100A series is that with these transmission options, as well as all the other advanced features that come with the camera, you can have full 24/7 surveillance anywhere you need it.

The OB-100A is able to transmit crystal clear images without the need of extensive bandwidth due to a progressive embedded megapixel sensor, triple-code compression and simultaneous dual-stream. What’s more is that users also have the ability to view a live feed of their cameras anytime they want to from anywhere they want using any web browser or 3G mobile phone, adding even more convenience to your surveillance system.

Another things that is good about Brickcom’s camera series is the sheer amount of user friendly features that comes with it. One feature is the Smart Focus capability which allows users to adjust the focal lens via the web GUI easily. Another feature is the WPS button. The WPS button on the OB-100A gives users an easy connection to the internet and even makes the WiFi connection to an AP/Router, which can sometimes be difficult, very easy to trouble shoot. One of the main things consumers look for in a security system is the system’s user friendliness.

You don’t have to worry about the OB-100A being affected by the elements either. The cameras in the series come with an IP67 outdoor enclosure which protects them from rain, snow, wind, dust, hail and just about anything else you can imagine. The cameras are also equipped with an industrial fan and heater built-in, allowing the device to perform up to par in temperatures as low as -40ºF to as high as 140ºF.

Extensive event monitoring options are also offered by the OB-100A’s web GUI. This includes motion detection as well as audio detection. Whenever the camera is triggered by unauthorized movement, it can be scheduled to notify the user immediately by sending snapshots and video to your email account, FTP, Samba or HTTP server. Additional protection can be added to the cameras, such as alarms or smoke detectors, with a DI/DO terminal.

Needless to say, if you are interested in a top of the line outdoor bullet camera, then the OB-100A series from Brickcom is definitely worth a look. The series has all the features of a top notch camera system as well as many user friendly options and accessories out the wazoo that make it perfect for any surveillance project, regardless of size or location. is news of, for and by SMBs!… The Small & Medium Business Magazine!

Varifocal Auto Iris Compact Bullet Camera

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Varifocal Auto Iris Compact Bullet CameraBullet cameras are some of the most useful pieces of technology in the security camera industry. They have many unique perks that other camera types do not have and can come in handy in a tight spot. Bullet cameras are small enough to be put nearly anywhere and are fairly difficult for people to spot if put in the right location.

One of the best bullet camera models on the market right now is the Varifocal Auto Iris Compact Bullet Camera. The Varifocal Auto Iris Compact Bullet Camera has many unique features that make it stand out amongst not only other bullet cameras but also the entire security camera market.

The Varifocal Auto Iris Compact Bullet Camera comes with many features including 1/3″ CCD with 540 TV Lines Resolution, built-in 4-9mm Varifocal Auto Iris Lens, attractive and compact design, superior backlight function, cable feed-thru for vandal resistant outdoor installation and 24-volt AC operation.

But that isn’t all the Varifocal Auto Iris Compact Bullet Camera has to offer. This handy little device also comes with output video level composite: 1.0 Vp-p / 75 Ohm, Gamma Internal / Line Lock selectable, BLC Back Light Compensation and dimensions measuring 2.76″.

Bullet cameras are some of the hottest selling items in the security camera industry. People are buying up tons of bullet cameras for not only their business security but also for their own personal home security systems. Bullet cameras are relatively cheap and can be placed all around your home or office.

We have a ton of bullet cameras around our own office with as many as three in one area covering all possible angles. Nothing should be more important to your business than security. Protecting your employees as well as your assets is one essential thing that every business owner should take into heavy consideration.

So don’t hold off any longer.  Start your home or business security system today with a Varifocal Auto Iris Compact Bullet Camera. One well-placed bullet camera could work wonders for your company’s security and even prevent some serious misfortunes from occurring at your workplace.

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