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IQeye R5 Series Bullet Cameras From IQinVision

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IQinVision, one of the market leaders in high-performance HD megapixel IP cameras recently announced that it would be releasing its all new IQeye R5 Series of bullet cameras. The R5 Series bullet cameras are full-featured, multi-megapixel H.264 Main Profile indoor/outdoor bullet cameras. In addition to that, these cameras also have support for up to 3MP resolution, making these cameras versatile and able to provide multiple, individually-configured H.264 and MJPEG streams simultaneously.

These cameras also feature on-board storage as well as a built-in IR, making them perfect for retail, commercial, city and transportation applications. Other features that are included with the IQeye R5 Series are 30fps at HD720p and HD1080p, 20fps at 3MP and an IP66-rated outdoor housing.

There are also a host of applications that are available for the R5 Series. Some of these applications include IQfinder, IQmanager, IQevent, IQanalytics and Direct-to-Storage while the camera line is backed by the IQVision best-in-industry warranty of three years.

According to Executive Vice President and Vice President of Sales for IQinVision Rob Ledenko, “The new bullet cameras really round out our product offering nicely. They are versatile, high performance cameras, and they’re priced to be a competitive fir for a wide range of market applications.”

Bullet cameras have been the go-to system for lots of different applications. Businesses, schools, parking lots and other scenarios use bullet cameras due to their small size and ability to be installed virtually anywhere. In addition to that, most bullet cameras are weatherproof, meaning they are the perfect solution for outdoor surveillance as they can stand up in rain, snow, wind, dust or any other condition you throw at them.

Bullet cameras are also exceptionally good at night surveillance. Built-in IR LEDs are common in almost all bullet cameras, allowing you to record 24/7 day and night. In addition to that, some of these cameras have the ability to see as far as 300 feet in total darkness or farther depending on the amount of LEDs built-in.

Vandal-proof housing is also generally included in all bullet cameras as well. Not only are bullet cameras small enough to put out of reach but also, should someone try to tamper with them, the vandal-proof housing will stop them in their tracks.

With the ability to be put virtually anywhere, the small size, the day/night surveillance capabilities, the weatherproof housing and the ability to connect to apps and stream each camera individually it’s easy to see how bullet cameras, like the R5 Series, are one of the most popular products in modern surveillance.

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Vaddio Upgrades ClearVIEW HD-USB Camera Control System

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Vaddio logoVaddio, a leader in global robotic PTZ cameras and camera control systems, recently announced the release of a major software update to its USB camera line. The free Version 1.1 software update allows ClearVIEW HD-USB camera users to control the camera from any computer or mobile device, like a smartphone, laptop or tablet, that supports a web browser and has internet access.

According to CEO of Vaddio Rob Sheeley, “When we launched our EasyUSB camera systems we knew that our customers would demand a more sophisticated control approach than a traditional IR Remote Control. By connecting to the camera’s Ethernet port, users can now browse to the embedded web server built into the camera and have complete control of the camera by using the pre-configured web page user control panel.”

Internal web pages within the camera allow you to control the HD-USB camera through an internet connection using a standard web browser. This means that you can literally control the camera from anywhere in the world as long as you are connected to the internet.

In addition to that, users can also adjust pan, tilt, zoom and home controls along with pan, tilt and zoom speed controls as well as switch video sources and store and recall six camera presets. Administrators also have the ability to control security passwords, change the IP address, view diagnostics, access firmware upgrades and Help settings. The IP address will be displayed onscreen out of the composite, analog component (YPbPr) and the USB video output.

Source: Broadcast Newsroom – Vaddio Releases IP Camera Control Upgrade to ClearVIEW HD-USB PTZ Camera Systems

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MicroPower Partners Up with Sprint

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MicroPower TechnologiesMicroPower Technologies Incorporated has just entered into an agreement with Sprint that enables the company to leverage Sprint’s network as an additional channel to transmit wireless video. Adding the Sprint network takes MicroPower’s video surveillance solutions a step further by enhancing wireless capabilities with Sprint’s secure and pervasive network, one that reaches more than 282 million people across the nation.

The MicroPower Rugged-i is an integrated, solar wireless IP video camera that is deployable in any location due to the fact that it is not constrained by wires or cables for power or data. The flexibility of the Rugged-i enables users to augment existing IP surveillance systems or install a new camera solution in areas that may not be accessible with traditional cameras. In addition to that, MicroPower systems are perfect for remote locations and a comprehensive solution is maximized by the addition of a 3G/4G uplink from Sprint to a secure video transmission to the back haul.

According to Founder and CEO of MicroPower Jon Siann, “MicroPower’s advanced technology, combined with Sprint’s expansive wireless mobile network, allows cameras to be placed virtually anywhere at a fraction of the cost of conventional surveillance systems. Our partnership with Sprint allows us to exceed customer expectations by enabling them to reinforce the security perimeter and extend protection, while promising high reliability through wireless transmission and immediate system deployment.”

MicroPower surveillance solutions dramatically improve the economics of system deployment through patented technology that also delivers improvements in performance and power without compromising quality and reliability. What’s more is that devices can be deployed on-demand as no wiring or trenching is required, allowing immediate system scalability and a 90% reduction in installation time across the board.

Source: Enhanced Online News – MicroPower Technologies Joins Sprint M2M Partner Network

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Honeywell Debuts Two New 600 TVL Day/Night Bullet Cameras

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Honeywell HBD95SXHoneywell has just introduced the all new HBD92SX and HBD95SX Day/Night bullet cameras. Each camera comes complete with IR illumination and is designed to provide high quality video 24/7 in both indoor and outdoor surveillance situations.

In addition to that, both of these cameras also include a high resolution 600 TVL 1/3″ Sony Super HAD CCD imager, Digital Noise Reduction (DNR), Digital Slow Shutter (DSS) and external controls for lens zoom, focus and camera set-up. The HBD92SX features a 2.8-12 mm F1.4 IR corrected vari-focal lens with 56 IR LEDs with a 30m range while the HBD95SX features a 5-50 mm FR1.4 IR corrected vari-focal lens with 42 IR LEDs with a 45m range.

Each camera also features installation adjustments that can be accomplished without opening the housings. Screw gears allow the installer to adjust the lens field of view and focus. The porthole at the bottom also provides access to the On Screen Display menu as well as the IR power adjustment.

Also included is a 600 TVL resolution for sharper image detail combined with DNR and DSS, which offer fantastic performance in low light situations. Degradation of image quality under low light conditions has also been reduced thanks to the DNR technology utilized in the cameras.

The F1.4 IR corrected aspherical vari-focal lenses offer a wide range of field of view settings while 12 privacy zones can be programmed per camera, enabling the end user to ensure any civil liberties are protected within the scene that is being monitored.

In addition to that, the IR LEDs provide illumination of up to 45m depending on the scene reflectivity. The IR LEDs, along with the IR cut filter moving out of the optical path, the F1.4 rating of the lenses and the amount of reflection of the IR light from the object of interest will impact the distance the camera can provide a usable image of an object.

Source: – New 600 TVL Day/Night Bullet Cameras with IR Illumination from Honeywell

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Logitech Updates Alert Line with Indoor Night Vision Camera

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Logitech Alert 750nLogitech has announced that it is expanding its line of Alert HD security cameras by adding a new indoor model that comes complete with night-vision capabilities. Logitech’s Alert line takes advantage of the HomePlug AV networking standard, which allows data and power to run over common electrical cables.

This may seem like a problem, as AC outlets aren’t located everywhere in a building. If that is a problem then Logitech also offers SKUs that offer Power over Ethernet (PoE). These models allow you to simply run a CAT5 cable to each camera and install an inline power injector at the router. The announcement made by Logitech made no mention of Power over Ethernet for the new indoor camera, though it is a strong possibility that it will be included.

Logitech’s Alert line also delivers high-resolution 720p video which streams from multiple cameras and can be viewed simultaneously on a local networked PC that is running Logitech’s Alert Commander software. In addition to that, each camera is also equipped with a 16-zone motion detector which can trigger the camera to record a video clip when objects move in front of them.

If triggered, the camera can send an email or text alert to you with the video clip attached. Recordings are then stored on the actual cameras thanks to a 2GB MicroSD  card, which is doubly beneficial as it means that your local PC won’t have to be constantly running. Also, if you are a DropBox subscriber, then you can elect to copy the recordings to their storage in the cloud.

You can also review live camera feeds remotely from any computer or mobile device that has an internet connection with Logitech offering free remote-viewing apps for Android, BlackBerry and iOS devices. In addition, Logitech’s Alert Web and Mobile Commander service provides the same viewing and control capabilities available from the software running on a local PC, though it comes with an $80 per year subscription.

Logitech will be offering the new Alert 750n Indoor Master System, which comes with the camera and the Alert Commander software, for $300. If you already have the Alert Commander system and just want the new camera then you can get that for $230. The outdoor system is available now for $350 with standalone cameras available for $280.

Source: PC World – Logitech Introduces Indoor Security Camera with Night Vision

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Security Camera Warehouse Adds GeoVision IP Cameras

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Security Camera Warehouse logoOnline surveillance camera retailer Security Camera Warehouse has announced that it is expanding its line of IP cameras to include GeoVision cameras. The company recently reported that it doubled its revenue last year and is on track to do so again this year. The revenue increase is said to be due, in part, to the company’s relationship that it builds with its installer network.

According to CEO of Security Camera Warehouse Justin Bowman, “We are seeing a surge of business from systems integrators, for corporate, government and educational clients. IP Cameras, especially GeoVision IP Cameras, are the video surveillance systems of choice for our larger clients. Despite the stock market volatility, US austerity measures, and economic uncertainty, our business lines continue to grow.”

Like I said earlier, Security Camera Warehouse is an online retailer that deals in CCTV systems, security cameras and video surveillance equipment and bases its business model around low-cost, high-quality video surveillance products and customer service.

This new offering of GeoVision IP cameras will also allow the company to expand its access control division with GeoVision keycard readers, fingerprint readers and other access control system solutions. What’s more is that GeoVision is an award-winning high megapixel IP surveillance camera company, which will give Security Camera Warehouse a little prestige for their lineup.

According to President of Security Camera Warehouse Matthew Nederlanden, “Expanding our offering to include Geovision products allows us to take on more exciting projects as it becomes much easier to integrate the surveillance cameras and the access control into one seamless security measure. This integration is especially important to highly regulated or highly secure environments. We are excited about including Geovision products into our lineup and represented by our industry leading customer service and knowledgeable staff.”

Source: PRWeb – Security Camera Warehouse Expands IP Camera Line with Geovision Cameras

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Raytec’s Autumn Webinars Focus on Security Cameras and Lighting

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Raytec logoSummer is coming to a close which means the days of it staying light out until 9 p.m. are getting less and less, before you know it you will have to start turning your headlights on at 5 p.m. on your way home from work. These earlier dark days also mean that artificial lighting is going to start becoming one of the main deterrents  to criminals.

That is why CCTV lighting experts Raytec have already released dates for their Autumn series of training webinars. These webinars are free to attend and are specifically designed to give security professionals the chance to catch up on all the new technologies as well as the latest techniques in system design in order to optimize lighting performance on-site.

Whether you are using infrared or white light, these webinars will offer practical tips and guidelines in order to help you maximize the night-time performance of your surveillance system as well as aid the specification of the best fit-for-purpose general lighting.

On Wednesday, September 7th check out the “Comparing Lighting Specifications” webinar. This webinar is designed to make the lighting design and specification process easier and to make users more informed. In addition to that, it will also allow security professionals to understand the differences between LED lighting and other technologies, effectively assess a range of different LED illuminators and their features and understand what features are necessary for different installations.

This webinar will also compare LED lighting against thermal imaging and bullet cameras and even give an in-depth look into the technologies behind controlling LED lifetime, specifying illumination distances, power levels and measuring light.

Wednesday, October 5th plays host to the “Lighting Fundamentals – Understanding the Basics” webinar. This webinar will give security professionals a better understanding of the principles of lighting, allowing the specification, installation and use of lighting to be more informed and achieve better nighttime images.

This session will also explore light and surface, brightness and glare, color rendering and images, reflectance and lenses and using the inverse square law to deploy multiple illuminators. In addition to that, this webinar also considers lighting as part of a system, explaining how the light emitted from an illuminator travels to the destination, reflects off of a surface and travels back to the camera sensor via the lens.

The final webinar will take place on November 2nd and is the “Insider Knowledge – Set-up Tips to Get the Most from Your Installation” webinar. Lighting has become an integral part of modern security camera systems and the performance and feature-sets of LED illuminators are rapidly developing.

In this session, engineers from Raytec will advise how to install illumination as well as how to exploit some of the more advanced features for real performance benefits. This webinar will also explore advanced techniques for designing lighting for major systems, including lighting for network cameras, domes, pulsed lighting and remote control systems.

If you are a security professional, then you will definitely want to check out Raytec’s webinars. They will be highly educational and will give you a lot of great information on how to maximize illumination to get the most out of your security system.

Source: – Raytec’s autumn webinar aims to train security professionals on latest surveillance lighting techniques

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