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IQeye R5 Series Bullet Cameras From IQinVision

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IQinVision, one of the market leaders in high-performance HD megapixel IP cameras recently announced that it would be releasing its all new IQeye R5 Series of bullet cameras. The R5 Series bullet cameras are full-featured, multi-megapixel H.264 Main Profile indoor/outdoor bullet cameras. In addition to that, these cameras also have support for up to 3MP resolution, making these cameras versatile and able to provide multiple, individually-configured H.264 and MJPEG streams simultaneously.

These cameras also feature on-board storage as well as a built-in IR, making them perfect for retail, commercial, city and transportation applications. Other features that are included with the IQeye R5 Series are 30fps at HD720p and HD1080p, 20fps at 3MP and an IP66-rated outdoor housing.

There are also a host of applications that are available for the R5 Series. Some of these applications include IQfinder, IQmanager, IQevent, IQanalytics and Direct-to-Storage while the camera line is backed by the IQVision best-in-industry warranty of three years.

According to Executive Vice President and Vice President of Sales for IQinVision Rob Ledenko, “The new bullet cameras really round out our product offering nicely. They are versatile, high performance cameras, and they’re priced to be a competitive fir for a wide range of market applications.”

Bullet cameras have been the go-to system for lots of different applications. Businesses, schools, parking lots and other scenarios use bullet cameras due to their small size and ability to be installed virtually anywhere. In addition to that, most bullet cameras are weatherproof, meaning they are the perfect solution for outdoor surveillance as they can stand up in rain, snow, wind, dust or any other condition you throw at them.

Bullet cameras are also exceptionally good at night surveillance. Built-in IR LEDs are common in almost all bullet cameras, allowing you to record 24/7 day and night. In addition to that, some of these cameras have the ability to see as far as 300 feet in total darkness or farther depending on the amount of LEDs built-in.

Vandal-proof housing is also generally included in all bullet cameras as well. Not only are bullet cameras small enough to put out of reach but also, should someone try to tamper with them, the vandal-proof housing will stop them in their tracks.

With the ability to be put virtually anywhere, the small size, the day/night surveillance capabilities, the weatherproof housing and the ability to connect to apps and stream each camera individually it’s easy to see how bullet cameras, like the R5 Series, are one of the most popular products in modern surveillance.

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MicroPower Partners Up with Sprint

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MicroPower TechnologiesMicroPower Technologies Incorporated has just entered into an agreement with Sprint that enables the company to leverage Sprint’s network as an additional channel to transmit wireless video. Adding the Sprint network takes MicroPower’s video surveillance solutions a step further by enhancing wireless capabilities with Sprint’s secure and pervasive network, one that reaches more than 282 million people across the nation.

The MicroPower Rugged-i is an integrated, solar wireless IP video camera that is deployable in any location due to the fact that it is not constrained by wires or cables for power or data. The flexibility of the Rugged-i enables users to augment existing IP surveillance systems or install a new camera solution in areas that may not be accessible with traditional cameras. In addition to that, MicroPower systems are perfect for remote locations and a comprehensive solution is maximized by the addition of a 3G/4G uplink from Sprint to a secure video transmission to the back haul.

According to Founder and CEO of MicroPower Jon Siann, “MicroPower’s advanced technology, combined with Sprint’s expansive wireless mobile network, allows cameras to be placed virtually anywhere at a fraction of the cost of conventional surveillance systems. Our partnership with Sprint allows us to exceed customer expectations by enabling them to reinforce the security perimeter and extend protection, while promising high reliability through wireless transmission and immediate system deployment.”

MicroPower surveillance solutions dramatically improve the economics of system deployment through patented technology that also delivers improvements in performance and power without compromising quality and reliability. What’s more is that devices can be deployed on-demand as no wiring or trenching is required, allowing immediate system scalability and a 90% reduction in installation time across the board.

Source: Enhanced Online News – MicroPower Technologies Joins Sprint M2M Partner Network

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Gadspot Debuts New 2MP and 5MP IP Surveillance Cameras

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Gadspot logoGadspot, a provider of more affordable video surveillance products, has just recently announced the addition of a plethora of new IP camera models to their lineup. These digital video cameras all come with your choice of either 2MP or 5MP sensors with available configurations including both dome cameras and outdoor cameras.

The 2MP IP cameras come in the form of the GS9200, GS9201, GS 9202, GS9203 and GS9204. Features include a 2MP CMOS sensor, H.264 and MJPEG dual streaming, 1,600 x 1,200 resolution, WiFi connectivity (GS9200 model only), built-in high-sensitive microphone (GS9200, GS9202 and GS9203 models only), built-in IR and LED ICR (GS9201 and GS9204 models only), ONVIF standard support and weatherproof casings (GS9201 and GS9204 models only).

The 5MP IP cameras come in the GS9000B, GS9001D and GS9002DE models with features including a 5MP CMOS sensor, H.264, MPEG-4 and MJPEG compression, 2,592 x 1,920 resolution, built-in SD/SDHC card slot for on-board storage (GS9000B and GS9001D models only), ONVIF standard support, built-in high-sensitive microphone (GS9000B and GS9001D models only), vandal-resistant case (GS9002DE model only), weatherproof casing (GS9002DE model only) and an operating temperature of 0°C/32°F to +45°C/113°F.

According to a statement from President of Gadspot Judy Chen, “We’re pleased to include this new line of IP cameras to our product family. We believe our IP cameras are the highest-quality products available in the market today at this price range, and we’re proud to be able to offer these superior cameras to both end users, resellers and installers at aggressive prices.”

All of these cameras come backed with a one-year warranty, just in case anything happens. Prices for the 2MP cameras range between $119.95 and $129.95 with prices of the 5MP cameras ranging between $249.95 and $499.95. In addition to that, Gadspot also offers 24-hour, live, online customer service if you have any problems.

Source: PR Web – Gadspot Announces New Line of IP Surveillance Cameras

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New 3G IP Cameras from Compro

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Compro logoCompro Technology is expected to present 3G wireless IP video surveillance solutions and also a brand new line of network video recorders that are designed for home and small business users at this year’s upcoming Secutech 2011.

There are a ton of advantages to having video surveillance technology that utilizes 3G technology. With 3G wireless connectivity, cameras from Compro allow for a lower cabling cost as well as a simpler installation. 3G cameras also do not require building or maintaining a network infrastructure or a WiFi hotspot. In addition to that, unlike installing cameras with WiFi or wired internet connections, the installation area of a 3G camera is not dependent on the availability of WiFi or Ethernet ports.

Compro believes that 3G cameras offer true flexibility in terms of installation location and mobility and that this brings new dimensions to the market of surveillance cameras. That is why Compro will be introducing 3G indoor box cameras as well as 3G outdoor bullet cameras. The indoor box cameras will feature VGA resolution, H.264, D/N etc… whereas the new 3G capabilities will help eliminate cables and simplify camera relocation.

The outdoor bullet cameras with their 3G capabilities can be easily installed in locations where network cabling is difficult, expensive or invasive or in areas where WiFi signals are non-existent like beaches, temporary venues or old buildings. 3G capability will make this camera even better along with its VGA, H.264, D/N capabilities.

Wireless cameras are popular in the security camera market these days, and 3G looks to take all the convenience of a wireless camera and increase it tenfold. The ability to not have to worry about wireless routers or running expensive cabling is a reward all in itself.

Source: Hexus – Compro to Feature 3G-enabled IP Cameras and Complete NVR Solutions at Secutech Taipei 2011

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Y-Cam’s New Bullet Camera

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Y-Cam Bullet CameraAs any good businessman knows, one of the most crucial elements to your business is security. Whether you are ensuring that nobody invades your hard drive or simply just upgrading the locks, security is key. There are many companies out there dedicated to advancing everything we know about security cameras and one of them is Y-Cam. Y-Cam’s latest remote surveillance camera, the Bullet, is a small, full-color, weatherproof camera that can connect to your network.

Because it can do all this, users can view as well as hear exactly what is going on from anywhere as long as they have access to a PC or Mac that is connected to the internet or through a mobile phone. Apple has already developed a dedicated iPhone app but it works on other smartphones as well.

The camera has a built-in microphone that allows it to pick up sound as well as a built-in speaker so you can talk to the site, allowing you to talk to people your camera is viewing. However, this two-way feature does not work with Macs. Due to the fact the the Bullet is weatherproof, it can be placed inside or outside and deliver you the same performance. An optional sun visor is available to shade the Bullet from the sun if you don’t wish for your camera to get a tan.

At night the Bullet’s 12 infrared LEDs jump into action so it can see just as good in the dark as it does in the light. These lights turn on automatically and a “moonlight” view combines frames to increase brightness. The frame rate of the video transmitted adjusts automatically as well depending on the bandwidth available. Also, if you are viewing the video remotely, you can take still shots and record moving pictures to the remote hard drive. Up to 16 remote users can view the feed simultaneously, enabling you to check with your coworkers or colleagues if everything is in order.

A handy feature with the Bullet is the motion detection system. The software can notify you via email immediately when motion is detected. Y-Cam also boasts that the Bullet spots motion in sophisticated ways to reduce false alarms. In addition the email, the Bullet can also automatically upload images to your website allowing crucial images to be saved instantly and remotely.

The Bullet even comes with a memory card slot so it can store video locally if it is not connected to a network. Needless to say, the Bullet from Y-Cam is a highly-specked, well-made and highly affordable camera coming in at around $380.  To purchase a bullet camera visit and their low cost bullet cameras or and their full range of bullet cameras that are perfect for any type of surveillance.